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Social Influence

What is conformity? Maintaining or changing one's behavior due to the real or imagined influence of othes
What are norms? Social standards of behavior and thought that are set by a group
Why is conformity due to ambiguity? Social psychologists think that most out conformity is a result of the fact that there is no true appropriate behavior or response in most social situations so we look to the group or leaders in order to act
What is the Auto kinetic effect? Experiment in which a group of people followed the vision of one light in a dark room and proved that conformity exists because everyone eventually agreed on the distance of light even though it didn't even move
What happens in unambiguous situations? We don't conform to the group in situations where there is an obvious correct answer or response
What were Solomon Asch's line study experiments? Asked people to judge the length of the lines and proved that even though others were saying the wrong answer, some went along with the group because they didn't want to stick out
Public Compliance Conforming to other people's behavior publicly without necessarily believing in what the other people are doing or saying
Normative Social Influence The impact that other people can have on us because of our desires to be liked and accepted by them
Private Acceptance Conforming to other people's behaviors out of a genuine belief that what they are doing or saying is right
What are some factors linked to conformity likelihood? The presence of an ally, the number of people in the majority, the social situation's requirement to conform, and the importance of the group
What are some of social situation's requirement to conform Need for speed, need for unanimity, and need for accuracy
The Bystander effect? Our decrease in likelihood of helping when with others
Pluralist Ignorance A group's bad decisions based on everyone deferring to each other
Diffusion of Responsibility We tend to feel less of a responsibility to act when other are nearby
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