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Reproductive health

vaginal and vulvovaginal disorders & non Rx contraception

What are some forms of natural contraception? abstinence and natural family planning
what are some forms of OTC contraception? Male condoms, female condoms, vaginal spermicides, contraceptive sponges
What methods protect against bacterial STI? Latex male condom, lamb condom, female condom,
what methods are protective against viral STI? latex male condom, female condom,
Natural contraception - cervical mucous method: what does mucous look like leading up to ovulation? raw egg white, increased quantity and elasticity
Natural contraception - cervical mucous method: after ovulation what does mucous look like? thickened and sticky or not present at all
Male Condoms - Latex: what is safe to use as lube with this condom? Astroglide, egg white, KY jelly, ortho-gynol, saliva, water and spermicides
Male Condoms - Polyurethane: can you use this if you have a latex allergy? yeas
Male Condoms - Polyurethane: are they safe with water and oil based products? yeas
Male Condoms - Lamb Cecum: what are some advantages? conducts heat well and is strong
Male Condoms - Lamb Cecum: what are some disadvantages? pregnancy prevention only, NO STI PROTECTION, $$$
which generally breaks more, polyeurethane or latex? polyurethane
what are some important councelling points with condoms? leave space at the tip, keep sealed until use, protect from light and heat, shelf life of 3-5 years
if there's a tear in the condom post use, what do you do? prep for the baby! lol jk use vaginal spermicide foam or jelly
how often do you need to replace a condom? each use, when it breaks
Female condoms: how many times can you use it? once
Female condoms: does it break more or less often than male condoms? less often
Female condoms: how early can you insert it before sex? 8 hours
Female condoms: can you use it with a male condom? NO
Vaginal Spermicide: how early do you have to insert a suppository? 15 minutes before sex
Vaginal Spermicide: how early do you have to insert a gel or foam? immedately is ok
Vaginal Spermicide: how often do you have to reapply? each act of intercourse
Vaginal Spermicide: how long after use can you douche? 6 hours
Vaginal Spermicide - Film: how is it activated? secretions in vagina
Vaginal Spermicide - suppositories: how is it activated? moisture
Vaginal Spermicide - what is unpleasant about it? taste, high doses may lead to irritation
Vaginal Spermicide - when is it not recommended? physical abnormalities
contraceptive sponge: how do you properly use it wash hands, moisten with water, insert concave towards cervix
Contraceptive sponge: how early can you put it in and how late after sex can it be removed? immediately prior, and can leave in for 6-8 hours
Contraceptive sponge: how many times can i have sex with it in? multiple times
Contraceptive sponge: when should i avoid this? physical abnormalities
EC: when do you initiate plan B? within 72-120 hours
EC: how old do you have to be to get plan b OTC? over 17
EC: when do you initiate plan b one step? within 72-120 hours
EC: how far between doses do you take plan b? 12 hours apart
EC: if im pregnant will it detach an already implanted embryo? nope
VVD - vulvovaginitis: what is this normally called? yeast infection
VVD - bacterial vaginosis: what is it? bacterial infection of the vagina
VVD - trichomoniasis: what is it? sti caused by protozoan
VVD - vaginitis: what is it? vag itching
VVD - atrophic vaginitis: what is it? inflammation of the vagina related to atrophy that is caused by decreased estrogen levels
VVD - atrophic vaginitis: when can you self treat? mild to moderate symptoms, vaginal symptoms only, no vaginal bleeding, able to maintin vaginal lubrication previous to condition
VVD - atrophic vaginitis: what should be used to this? lubricants
VVD - vulvovaginal candidasis: what does the vaginal discharge look like? thick, white normal ph
VVD - vulvovaginal candidasis: does it have an odor? no
VVD - vulvovaginal candidasis:symptoms? itching, erythema, vulvar edema
VVD - vulvovaginal candidasis:complications? increased risk for other infections
VVD - vulvovaginal candidasis:how do you treat it? imidazol
VVD - Bacterial Vaginitis: what does the discharge look like thin, watery, off white or gray, green, tan, sometimes foamy. ph over 4.5
VVD - Bacterial Vaginitis: does it have an odor? fishy. ew. increases after intercourse. ew.
VVD - Bacterial Vaginitis: symptoms? vaginal irritation, dysuria, itching, less than VVC or trich
VVD - Bacterial Vaginitis: complications? pelvic inflammatory disease, UTI, endometriosis, pregnancy risks, may facilitate HIV transmission
VVD - Bacterial Vaginitis: treatment? yogurt
VVD - Trichomoniasis (STI): what does the vaginal discharge look like? copious, yellow/green, elevated pH
VVD - Trichomoniasis (STI): does it smell? malodorous. ewwwwy
VVD - Trichomoniasis (STI): symptoms? itching, dysuria, vaginal irritation, erythema, vulvar edema
VVD - Trichomoniasis (STI): complications? may facilitate HIV transmission
VVD - Trichomoniasis (STI): treatment? treat sexual partner as well
VVD - Nonpharm: what are some non pharm treatments? reduce sugar intake, increase yogurt, if significant irritation of vulva, use sodium bicarbonate salts
VVD: what are some exclusions for self treatment? pregnant, girls under 12, diabetes, fever, lower back, abdomen, and shoulder pain, if you takecorticosteroids, antineoplastics, have had VVC over 3x/ year or once in the last 2 months
VVD: when should you seek medical attention? symptoms last after 1 week, return in 2 months, worsen or change
VVD: how long will it take to resolve? about a week but will improve in 2 days
VVD: can i use treatment on my period? yes
VVD: can i use if im breastfeeding? ask MD
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