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Social Perception

What do Social Psychologists examine? The human mind and human behavior from a number of angles.
What is the goal of social psychologists? To study the interaction of people with and within their environment.
How can social psychologists study people's interactions and such? Look at the social world's effect on the individual, the individual's effect on groups and the social world, and groups and their effect on the group and individuals
What is the primacy effect? The first information learned about someone influences us more than later information
What is an example of primacy effect? When you meet certain people on the first day of school
What are self-fulfilling prophecies? Expectations that change one's own behavior in such a way as to increase the probability of the predicted event?
What are some examples of the self-fulfilling prophecies? The Phone conversation study with guys who rated a girl they talked to on the phone based only on a picture. Also, The pygmalion effect which is phenomenon whereby the greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform
Stereotypes? Generalized beliefs or expectations about a group of people that we form
Prejudice An unfavorable attitude toward a member of a group, solely because he or she is a member of that group
Discrimination Unfair treatment of a member of a group, solely because he or she is a member of that group
How do we form perceptions? Through attributions
Attributions The processes that we use in order to assign causes to behavior
Internal Attributions Explaining behaviors based on the internal characteristics of the person in question
External Attributions Explaining behaviors based on the situation and surrounding environment
Fundamental Attribution Error Our tendency to attribute behaviors to internal attributions when explaining the behaviors of others
What are examples brought up in class of the fundamental attribution error? The pro/anti castro essay example and differences amongst cultures with the fish visualization
Actor-Observer Effect The tendency to make internal attributions for others, while making external attributions for ourselves
Self-Serving Bias The tendency to attribute personal failures to the situation, while attributing personal successes to ourselves
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