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24-27 Vocab

24, 25, 26, 27 Vocab

Sahel region in Africa just south of Sahara
Colonialism system by which countries set up colonies to secure sources of raw material and markets for their products
Plateau elevated blocks of land with flat or gently rolling surfaces
Escarpment steep slope or cliff
Chaparral drought-resistant brush
Savanna a grassland with scattered trees
Oral History History passed down by word of the mouth
Nomadic Herding herders move their flocks to different pastures throughout the year
Leaching the dessolving and washing away of nutrients
Land Degradation reduction in the productive potinetal of land
Population Density Average number of people in a given unit area
Delta land formed by soil in the water that is dropped as the river slows and enters the sea
Fellaheen An Egyptian peaseant
Sandstorm a storm that blows hot air, dust, and grit into the air
Bazaar a traditional Arab open-air market
Basin Irrigation long built walls around a feild to trap in the good soil and silt
Resevoir A natural or artificial lake
Perennial Irrigation irragation system that provides water to the land all throughout the year
Capital Money ivested in building and supporting new industries
Wadi a cut accross a land
Caravan large group of merchants who join together to travel in safety
Medina Older Arab sections of a city
Souk Market area in a city
Shifting Agriculture a practice of farming the soil until it is exhausted
Forage food grazing animals
Deforestation the trees being stripped from land
Desertification the extension of the desert due to humans
Refugee a person who flees from home to other places to escape to freedom
Landlocked a nation cut off from the sea
Inland Delta an area of lakes and creeks
Coup a sudden political takeover
Ancestor Worship beleif that honoring and worshiping ones ancestor will cause them to live in the spirit world after death
Animism ordinairy things contain a spirit which deserves worship
World Bank agencies of the United Nations that give loans to countries for developing projects
International Monetary Fund agencies of the United Nations that give loans to countries for developing projects
Structural adjustment Program a set of guidlines that that is supposed to make a countries economy work
Watershed a dividing ridge between two basins
Mercenary hired soldiers
Barter the exchange of goods without the use of koney
Harambee Individuals and companies working to improve Kenyas economy
pyrethrum a pesticide
malnutrition a desease by not havng a healthy diet
Strategic value the value of location to nations planning large-scale military actions
Ethnocracy a government in which one ethnic group rules over others
Villigization forced to move into towns and work on collective farms
apartheid Apartness, a system created by the whites
segregation forced to live apart
sanction actions that punish a country of which the international Community doesnt approve
Enclave completely sorrounded by the larger country
White Flight departure of the trained whote administrators and technicians
Land Redstribution land is taken from those with plenty, and given to those with little or none
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