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appendix C

Termemic circulationDefinition
absorption the amount of medication that enters the bloodstream,or systemic circluation
accreditation the process of granting recognitionor vouching for compliance with established criteria (usually refers to recgnition of an institution or program)
adjudication prescription claims adjudication refers to the determination of the insurer's payment after the the member'sinsurance benefits are applied to a medical claim
ambulatory pharmacy a pharmacy generally located within,or in close proximity to a clinic,hospital,or medicalcenter that provides medication services to ambulatory patients.
aseptic technique the technique and prcedures designed to prevent contamination of drugs,packaging,equipment,orsupplies by microorganism during preperation
automated dispensing technology electronic storage cabinets or robotics that secure medicatioin and dispense them to nurses or other caregivers when needed
automated medication dispensing device a drug storage cabinets that contains an inventory of medications that are electronically dispensed so they may be administered to patient in a controlled manner
auxiliary prescription a label affixed to a drug product that alerts users to special handling or administration concerns.
average wholesale price (awp) a commonly used benchmark for billing drugs that are reimbursed in the community pharmacy setting.the awp for a drug is set by the manufacturer of the drug
beyond use labeling a date that is given a medication nothing when it should no longer be used also referred to as the expiration date
bioavailability the percentage of an administered dose of a medication that reaches the bloodstream
brand-name drug a drug that is covered by a patent and is therefore only availablefrom a single manufacturer
buccal a solid medication dosage form that is placed in the packet between the cheek and gum absorbed through the cheek into the bloodstream
centralized dispensing automation technology that assist in the selection and dispensing of drug products that are located in a central location ,such as the pharmacy, and that can include robotics and carousels that use the bar code scanning to select
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