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The Scarlet Letter

Vocab from The Scarlet Letter

Strict Severe Self-Denying Ascetic
Likeness Resemblance Similarity Similitude
Commanding Imperious
Assumption Supposition
Wickedness Evil Iniquity
Scarcity Lack of something Dearth
Disgrace Dishonor Shame Ignominy
A temporary stay Sojourn
To assist Succor
To drink Imbibe
Sly Crafty Insidious
To affirm something To declare to be true Aver
A curse Anathema
Hostility Enmity
Payment for work Emolument
Predict Foretell Augur
Worthy of respect Venerable
Mournful Sad Plaintive
Permeate Be prevalent throughout Pervade
Obedient Amenable
Urgent Unable to be delayed Peremptory
Objection Expostulation
To pretend Make a false show of something Feign
Mysterious Hard to decipher Inscrutable
Imposing structure or building Edifice
Unfavorable Ominous Inauspicious
An act of protesting or objecting Remonstrance
A moral defect or stain A corruption Taint
Lessen Diminish Abate
To commit a sin or break a law Transgress
Occult (-like) Cabalistic
Pressing need or demand Exigency
To separate or divide Sundering
To speak in great detail Elaborate Expatiate
Outrageous Flamboyant Flagrant
Not capable of being undone Indefeasible
Bearing Demeanor Manner Mien
A whim or impulse Caprice
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