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Psychopathology Spring 2014 Final

Describe the key element of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Worry
For long-term (more than 6 months) pharmacological treatment of GAD, the following appear to be the "treatment of choice." SSRIs/SNRIs
Many of the anxiety disorders are characterized by the _______or_______ physiological response when the anxiety-provoking stimulus is encountered. fight or flight
Describe a panic attack in one sentence. Extreme anxiety and feeling like you are going to die. Heightened senses as a response to an imagined threat.
In phobias, this behavior, while reinforcing in the short-term, can contribute to the maintenance of the disorder and over time lead to considerable intractability. Avoidance
A relatively straightforward intervention for phobias is_______ exposure therapy.
The primary characteristics (a brief description of each) of OCD are: Obsessions-distressing, relentless, reoccurring thoughts Compulsions- repetitive movements or ritualistic behaviors done to ease the anxiety associated with obsessions.
What is the realtionship between the two primary characteristics of OCD? Compulsions are done to ease anxiety in response to obsessions.
ERP treatment for OCD consists first of _______ followed by _______. exposure/response prevention.
For pharmacological treatment of OCD, the follow appear to the the "treatment of choice." SSRIs/SNRIs
In addition to exposure to the traumatic event, PTSD consists of 4 symptom clusters; what are they? 1. intrusive symptoms 2. alterations in arousal and reactivity 3. alterations in mood and cognitions 4. avoidance
For a diagnosis of ASD, what is the time frame for symptom presentations? 3 days to 1 month
Of the_______ symptoms of ASD listed in the DSM-5, the individual must display_______of them to meet criteria for a diagnosis. 14/9 symptoms
Trauma-focused therapy for PTSD has 3 main components, which are: 1. exposure 2. anxiety management 3. cognitive restructuring
The primary differences between Bipolar I and Bipolar II are: Bipolar I- at least one manic episode Bipolar II-has at least one hypomanic (but never manic) episode and one or more depressive episodes.
For individuals diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder, this is the primary concern for a clinician: Suicide
What are some of the primary objectives for psychosocial treatment of Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorder? Psychoeducation about Bipolar Disorder, importance of medication adherence, rehearsal of methods for early detection of symptoms
In a Major Depressive Episode,_______of_______ symptoms must be present for at least_______. Of those_______symptoms, at least one must be either_______or_______. 5/9, 2 weeks. 5, depressed mood or loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities.
Three psychological treatments for depression that are considered "well established" are: behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy
Often overlooked in depression (at least in adults) but a serious factor to consider relative to severity and treatment planning, is_______ irritability/anger
Who discovered Angelman Syndrome? Harry Angelman
What percentage of those diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome have epilepsy? 80%
What is the gene that is the possible cause for Angelmans? UBE3A
What gender is the most likely to develop Angelman Syndrome? Both male and female have equal chances
What are 3 features of Angelman Syndrome? 1. Development 2. Intellectual disability 3. Severe speech impairment 4. problems with ataxia or acceptable movement and balance
Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is a blend of _______and _______ theories. Attachment theory and operant
Discrete Trial Training (DIT) uses all of the following EXCEPT: A. discrete trials B. specific set of steps C. clearly defined scripts D. motivational interviewing Motivational Interviewing
The TEACCH Program can be defined as: highly structured teaching model based on common trials among individuals with ASD
Virtual Reality Social Cognition Training (VR-SCT) is being developed to instruct high functioning adolescent and young adults with ASD to do: 1. meet new people 2. dealing with roommate conflict 3. negotiating financial or social decisions 4. interview for a job
Write a short answer explaining how PCIT is being used to help parents of individuals with ASD. PCIT involves the coaching of parents using a one-way mirror & a bug in the ear device that allows the therapist to provide feedback & directions to the parent while interacting with his/her child. Parents learn how to interact with child to get results.
At what age point does the DSM-5 separate the criteria from PTSD? 6
PTSD is NOT caused by exposure or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence in the following way: watching it live on TV
Which theories do Game-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combine? CBT and Play Therapy
One of the most common symptoms as a result of child sexual abuse is_______. PTSD
What are 3 of the 5 therapies in context to treating PTSD from Child Sexual Abuse? 1. EMDR 2. Trauma Focused CBT 3. Game-Based CBT 4. Animal-assisted Therapy 5. Jungian Analytical Play Therapy (JAPT)
Which of the following is NOT used in the treatment of schizophrenia? A. psychopharmacology B. CBT C. exposure & response prevention (ERP) D. Metacognitive Training C. exposure & response prevention
Which of the following is the focus of metacognitive training? A. cognitive biases B. cognitive deficits C. both of them D. None of them A. cognitive bias
Which of the following is targeted by MCT? A. jumping to conclusions B. attributional style C. A bias against disconfirmatory evidence D. all of them D. all of them
How many modules does metacognitive training have in each cycle? C. 8
What is the main objective of Metacognitive training? The main objective of MCT is to increase metacognitive competency and raise patients' awareness of the cognitive biases that form & maintain psychotic symptoms, so that they can counteract psychosis.
Hyperactivity, aggression, inability to sit still and low concentration levels are symptoms of what disorder? A. urea cycle disorder B. ADHD C. lead poisoning D. Anemia E. all of the above E. All of the above
Which disorder is mainly misdiagnosed as only being depression? Bipolar
If a child is exhibiting symptoms of ADHD and medication is not helping, what are two blood levels to draw to cancel out the Urea Cycle Disorder & similar inborn errors of metabolism? Ammonia & Amino Acid Plasmatic
The standard medication for depression but not bipolar is: anti-depressants
Why do some physicians deliberately misdiagnosis patients? To get reimbursement and other benefits
Hearing voices separate from individual's own thoughts are examples of what kind of positive symptom of Schizophrenia? Hallucinations
Which of these is a negative symptom of Schizophrenia? A. alogia B. asociality C. abolation D. all of the above D. all of the above
What is the most common treatment for the positive symptoms of Schizophrenia? Anti-psychotics
Which of the following is not included in Schizophrenia criteria? A. negative symptoms B. depression C. hallucinations D. disorganized speech B. depression?
What is one potential risk factor for Schizophrenia? Suicide
What test did Hare create to assess for psychopathy? PCL-R
Researchers believe that psychopathic traits are a result of: A. parental upbringing B. genetics C. cultural influences D. all of the above D. all of the above
Which characteristic is not on the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised? A. Grandiose sense of self-worth B. Manipulative C. Lack of guilt D. Empathic understanding D. empathic understanding
Psychopathy prevalence rates are the highest in which setting? Prisons
What is the personality disorder most closely related to psychopathy mentioned in the presentation? Antisocial Personality Disorder
What is NOT included in the DSM-5 criteria for kleptomania? comorbidity with another mental disorder
While there has been very little research on the most effective psychological intervention for intermittent explosive disorder, kleptomania, or pyromania, it has been suggested the most promising treatment is: CBT
All are criteria for pyromania except: A. interest in fire B. tension before setting the fire C. setting the fire for monetary gain D. relief when setting fire C. setting fire for monetary gain
Which is the likeliest cause of IED? A. genetics B. biological C. childhood trauma D. learned behavior C. childhood trauma
What role does gender play in prevalence rates of impulse control disorders, specifically kleptomania? Kleptomania is the only impulse control disorder that is the most prevalent in females.
Which of the following is NOT a type of exposure therapy used to treat specific phobias? A. imaginal Exposure/Imagery Desensitization B. virtual reality C. internet-Based Self-Help D.One-Session Treatment (In Vivo) all of these are types of exposure therapy
Rus-Calafell et al.(2013) found Virtual Reality exposure to be a successful treatment alternative for which type of specific situational phobia? Aerophobia (fear of flying)
Research by Anderson et al. (2009) about Internet-based self-help exposure treatment of spider phobia shows that_______. internet based treatment is a successful alternative to in vivo treatment for spider phobia
_______ is the most empirically supported treatment for specific phobias. One-Session Treatment
Briefly describe One-Session Treatment OST is a type of exposure therapy consisting of one 3 hour session which incorporates participant modeling, reinforcement, and exposure in order to challenge cognitions and catastrophic beliefs.
Which medication has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of aggressive behavior? A. lithium B.lorazepam C.SSRIs D. none D. none
Which medication is most effective for immediate sedating results? haldol or thorazine
Which drugs are backed by drug companies? neuroleptics
Umahu explains the importance of critically evaluating a person's_______ _______? Biological factors
What is aggression? Aggression is physical acts against oneself, others and objects
This is not a component of Graphic Narrative Processing when treating PTSD: creating a safe place drawing
TF-CBT utilizes conjoint child-parent sessions in which manner:(a)together in sessions from the start(b)together in session for only the last session(c)together in session for the last couple of sessions(d) never together in session c. together in session for the last couple of sessions
Francine Shapiro bases EMDR off of what theory? AIP
Which of the following are NOT changes which happen due to vicarious trauma: (a)world view (b)personal values (c)sense of self (d)impulse control d. impulse control
What are three types of treatment for PTSD? 1. EMDR 2. Trauma Focused CBT 3. Graphic Narrative Processing
Created by: erincerio
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