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SHORT TERM objectives Measurable outcomes achievable in one year or less
Short term objectives provide 1.specificity 2. Time frame for completion 3. accountability
Qualities of effective short term objectives 1.measurable (activity & outcomes) 2. priorities (simple ranking of priorities)3. Linked to long term objectives
Functional tactics The key routine activities that must be taken in each functional area to provide the business' product& services
Functional tactics are different from business or corporate strategies in 3 fundamental ways 1. Time horizon 2. Specificity 3. participants
Outsourcing functional activities Acquiring an activity service or product necessary to provide a company products or services from outside the ppl or operations controlled by that acquiring company
Empowerment (empowerment operating personnel) The act of allowing an individual or team the right and flexibility to make decisions and initiate action
Policies (empowerment operating personnel) Directives designed to guide the thinking decisions and actions of managers and their subordinates in implementing a firms strategy
Creating policies that empower Establish indirect control over independent action, promote uniform handling of similar activities, reduce uncertainty, counteract resistance
Advantages of writing formal policies They require management to think through the policies, reduce misunderstanding , consistency ,
Stock options (bonus compensation plans) Provide the executive w/ the right to purchase stock at a fixed price in the future
Restricted stock (bonus compensation plans) Is designed to provide benefits of direct executive stock ownership
Golden handcuffs (bonus compensation plans) Occur where the stock compensation is differed until vesting time provisions are met or a bonus is differed
Golden parachutes (bonus compensation plans) A form of bonus comp that is designed to retain talented executives
Cash bonuses (bonus compensation plans) Based on accounting measures
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