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The portfolio approach A historical starting point for strategic analysis & choice in the MULTI-BUSINESS firms
Portfolio techniques BOSTON CONSUITING GROUP (BCG) pioneered this approach to attempt to help managers balance the flow of cash resources amount their various businesses while identifying their basic strategic purpose within the overall portfolio
Volume business Those that have few sources of advantage but the size is large typically the result of scale economies
Stalemate businesses Few sources of advantages with most of those small
Specialization businesses Many sources of advantages and find those advantages potentially sizeable
Limitation of portfolio approach It doesn't address how value is being created, truly accurate measurement for matrix classification wasn't easy
The synergy approach: leveraging core competencies (1) Opportunities to build value via diversification, integration, or joint venture strategies are usually found in market related, operations related, & management activitites
The synergy approach: leveraging core competencies (2) Strategic analysis is concerned w/ whether or not the potential competitive advantages expected to arise from each value opportunity have materialized
The synergy approach: leveraging core competencies (3) The most compelling reason companies should diversify can be found in situations where core competencies -key value- building skills- can be leveraged w/ other products or into markets that are not a part of where they were created
divestiture Sale of a firm or a major component of a firm
Parenting framework Sees MULTI-BUSINESS companies as creating value by influencing or parenting their business
10 sources of parenting opportunities Size & age, management, business definition, predictable errors, linkages, common capabilities, specialized expertise, external relations, major decisions, major changes
The patching approach The process by which corporate executives routinely remap businesses to match rapidly changing market opportunities
The patching approach can Take the form of adding, splitting, transferring, exiting, or combining chunks of businesses
Patching is not seen As critical in stable, unchanging markets
Patching is seen As critical when markets are turbulent and rapidly changing. Also critical to the creation of economic value in a multi-business company
The synergy approach 1 Each core competency should provide a relevant competitive advantage to the intended businesses
The synergy approach 2 Business in the portfolio should be related in ways that make the company core competencies beneficial
The synergy approach 3 Any combination of competencies must be unique or difficult to recreate
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