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Endocrine Gen. Info

Pharm 2

What a hormone? substance produced by a specific cell & acts on other body cells to produce a physiologic response. They're released into circulation & act on target tissues or organs
Uses of hormones (3) Dx agent, replacement therapy, pharmocologic agent
What is the pituitary gland? sits at base of brain & hormones are secreted and sent to many different organs to promote & regulate growth, fluid & electrolyte balance metabolism
Why is the anterior pituitary gland important? exerts important affect in regulating secretion of other hormones
What does the posterior pituitary hormone produce? (2) vasopressent & oxytocin
What is the thyroid gland? richly glasturized gland in front of & on either side of the trachea. Manufactures and secretes 2 hormones - T3&T4. Iodine is essential for manufacturing of hormones - not necessary for life
2 disease associated with hypothyroidism myxedema - adult; cretinism - child
What disease is associated with hyperthyroidism? Graves disease
type 1 diabetes & s/sx & how admin insulin dependent; occurs before age 20 and more serious s/sx - polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, hyperglycemia, wt loss & strength loss; several injections qd
type 2 diabetes decrease production of insulin or insulin resistance by peripheral muscle cells or sensitivity of cells to insulin or ^ glucose production by liver. Occurs after age 40. Easier to control than type 1. Given po. Pancrease must be able to produce insulin
what is humulin? synthetically made insulin. Used in new diabetics
Sliding scale/regular insulin coverage comes into play after surgery & pt NPO, IV fluids; cover immediate hyperglycemia b/c short acting
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