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Severe Weather

5th Grade Earth Science

Define tornado. A rapidly rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground.
Define thunderstorm. Severe weather that results from cold air flowing under a warm, humid air mass over the land.
Define drought. Less-than-normal amount of rain or snow over a period of time.
Define severe weather. Out-of-the-ordinary and extreme weather conditions.
Define weather. The condition or the air around us.
Name the 3 variables that describe weather. heat, moisture, and movement
What causes weather to change? energy
What is the source of energy that creates and changes weather? the sun
What three weather conditions are caused by moisture? humidity, clouds, and precipitation
Intense sunshine evaporates more water from Earth's surface. The result is more ________, more _____ formation, and more ____. humidity, cloud, rain
Define hurricane. wind systems that rotate around an eye, or center, of low atmospheric pressure.
Over what type of water do hurricanes form? Can we experience a hurricane in California? warm tropical seas; no
How are hurricanes classified? What is the most intense rating? on a scale of 1 to 5; 5
Do hurricanes spontaneously form? If not, how do they begin? No, they begin as tropical storms.
How do hurricanes spin faster? The spinning wind draws in warm water vapor into the storm that cools and condenses, energizing the system.
How do hurricanes gain energy? warm water
When is a hurricane strongest, over land or over water? Why? over water; it has no warm water to draw energy from once it reaches land, so it loses energy
Describe how a thunderstorm forms and operates. A hurricane forms when a mass of air on the ground is warmer and more humid than the air above it, causing rapid convection.
The rapid movement of air in a thunderstorm creates a ______ electric charge on the clouds. static
What causes lightning during a thunderstorm? static electric charges moving from the clouds to the ground
What causes a tornado? The collision of cold air over land running into warm air. The warm air is pushed up while the cool, dense air flows from the sides and twists around the rising warm air, causing a funnel to form.
Describe the pressure inside and outside a tornado. What is a result of this difference in pressure? inside = very low outside = higher high winds
During what time of year and in what parts of the US do tornadoes form? late afternoon in spring or summer; south central U.S.
Hot and cold weather are the direct result of _____ energy. solar
The ___ and the _____ affect temperature. sun ocean
Why aren't the lowest and highest temperatures close to the ocean? Water can absorb or release large amounts of energy without changing the temperature much, keeping places close to the ocean from getting too hot or cold.
What causes extreme weather in California? The ocean.
What causes property damage and flooding in California? Wind and rain brought on by large storms formed in the Pacific Ocean.
Define Blizzard A severe storm with low temperatures, strong winds, and large quantities of snow.
What is Pineapple Express? A band of warm, moist air that flows from Hawaii to California.
If the Pineapple Express doesn't bring moist air to California, what extreme weather occurs instead? A drought.
What happens when there is a drought in California? Less rainfall along coasts and in the valleys and less snow in the mountains.
Describe the effects of a drought on California and its people. Less snow in the mountains leads to less runoff and less water in rivers and streams. Lakes and ponds shrink or can dry up. Soil dries up and there is less water in reservoirs for people to drink and use for farming.
Which body of water affects California weather? The Pacific Ocean.
Where does most of California's water come from? the Pacific Ocean.
Why doesn't California's coast have extreme temperatures? The ocean keeps the temperature mild because the ocean doesn't change temperature quickly.
Why is it so windy near the coast? The uneven heating between the land and the ocean creates a convection current, which causes wind.
Created by: MsMisko44