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Pharmacology 101

What is the brand name for Serevent and Flovent? What is it used for? What type of drug is it? Advair preventive corticosteroid for asthma andrenergic bronchodilator/steroid
What is cromolyn sodium? Brand name? Intal preventive med for asthma and histamines non steroidal
What is tiotropium promide? What does it for? Brand name? anticholinergic bronchospasms Spiriva
What is Monteukast? Brand name? 2 functions? leukotriene modifier Singulair inhibits leukotriens/prevents asthma
What is Zileuton? Brand name? What two things is it used for? leukotriene modifier Zyflo asthma/inhibits leukortiens
What is Nedocromil Sodium Brand name? Used for? non steroidal preventive asthma med Tilade
What is Atropine sulfate? Brand name? used for? parasympatholytic/anticholinergic Atropoine decrease RAW, inhibits secretion production
What is Terbutaline Sulfate? Brand names? used for? Sympathomimetic Brethine,Bricanyl Decreases RAW
What is Theophylline? Brand name? Used for? Xanthine Aminophylline decreaes AWR in asthmatics
What is albuterol? brand names? used for? bronchodilator Proventil/Ventolin decrases AWR
What is Isoprotenerol Hydrochloride? Brand name? Used for? Sympathomimetic Isuprel decreases AWR/cardiac stimulant
What is metaproternol? Brand names? Used for? Sympathomimetic/bronchodilator Metaprel/Alupent Decreases AWR
What is Levalbuterol? Used for? Brand name? Sympathomimetic decreases AWR/rescue drug for asthma/COPD Xopenex
What is Salmetrol? Brand name? used for? Sympathomimetic/bronchodilator Serevent Decresases AWR/First line drug for asthma/COPD
What is Ethyl alcohol? brand name? used for? Antifoaming agent Ethanol Reduces tension of frothy bubbling secretions
What is Alubterol + Atrovent? Brand name? Used for? adrenergic/anticholinergic bronchodilator Duoneb prevents bronchospasms
What is Budesonide+Formoterol fumarate? Brand name? Used for? Adernergic bronchodilator/steroid Steroid maintenance for asthma/COPD Symbicort
What is Racemic Epinephrine? Brand names? Used for? sympathomimetic microNefrin/Vaponerfin decreases mucoasal edema/inflammation in croup pts or extubation
What is Ipatropium Bromide? Brand name? Used for? anticholinergic Atrovent prevents bronchospasms in pts with COPD/asthmaW
What is Zafirlukast? Brand name? used for? Leukotrien/antiasthmatic Accolate treats asthma/inhibits leukotriene formation
What is Epinephrine Hydrochloride? Brand name? Used for? Sympathomimetic rescue drug Adrenalin
What is Dornase Alfa? Brand name? Used for? Mucolytic Pulmozyme Used in pts with thick tenacious sputum Dont mix with any meds keep away from light refridgerate
What is Acetylcysteiene? Brand name? Used for? Mucolytic Mucomyst Breaks down difulside bonds in sputum and need to give with bronchodilator to prevent bronchospasms.
What 3 things is 0.9 NaCl used for? What is 1.8% Saline used for? Dilutes meds, hydrates secretions, humidifies dry gas stimulates coughing, mobiliezes sputum
Coricosteroids: How are they given? used for? 2 side effects? SVN or MDI prevents/red``````````````````````````````uces air way swelling anti-inflammatory thrush/oral candidas
4 drugs that are parasympatholytics? What are they used for? another name? Atropine/Atrovent/Combivent/Spirivia maint. tx for COPD/asthma anticholinergic
2 Long acting sympathomimetics type of drug what does it treat Salmetrol/fomoterol maintenance bronch./controls bronchospasms/anti inflammatory drug
What is another name for sympathomimetics? 2 ultra short acting drugs? 4 short acting drugs? Adrenegics epinephrine/isoproternol metaproternol,terbutaline/albuterol/levalbuterol
Another name for Xanthines? used for? serum range? phosphodiesterase inhibitors prevents phosphodieasterase by producing bronchodilation 10-20 mg/L
What releases leukotriens? 2 things it causes? 2 things used for? Mast cells bronchoconstriction/produces mucous Prevents asthma attacks, mgmt chronic treatment of asthma
6 coritocsteroids generic names Decadron Beclovent Azmacort Flovent Aerobid Pulmicort Dexamthesone- used for infant croup Beclomethasone Triamcinolone aceteonide Fluticasone Propionate-MDI 110 or DPI Flunisolide-MDI Budesonide-DPI/HHN
Created by: GourmetGirl