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Endocrine System

Pharm 2

Posterior Pitutary Hormone Drug Pitressin
Pitressin Action Promote reabsorption of H20 & produce concentrated urine
Thyroid Replacement Drugs (2) Cytomel & Synthroid
Synthroid & Cytomel Uses (4) treat hypothyroidism, goider thyroid nodules, after surgery of thyroid gland, could be total/subtotal gland
Synthroid action, s/e, NI (3) action - influence every organ & tissue & principally concerned w/metabolic rate - regulates MR. s/e - hyperthyroidism. NI - give in early AM before breakfast, no CNS depressant drugs, monitor VS
Antithyroid Drugs (2) Propyl-Thyracil (PTU) & Radioactive Iodine (RAI)
PTU action depress activity of thyroid gland
PTU & RAI use treat hyperthyroidism
Adrenal Cortex Hormone Drug Florinef aka mineralocorticoid
Florinef use replacement therapy for addisons disease in combo with GCC
Addisons disease under secretion of (adrenal cortex) hormone causes disease
Inner Layer Hormone Drug Decadron
Decadron uses (3) treats cerebral edema, treats hyperkalemia associated w/cancer, anti-inflammatory
Hypergylemic agent drug glucagon
Glucagon action (2), use, s/e (2) action - opposes action of insulin by mobilizing apatic glycogen which produces elevation of concentration of glucose in blood stream, raises blood sugar; use - treatment of hyperglycemic reactions in pts receiving insulin therapy; s/e - n/v, hypotension
Short Acting Insulin Regular insulin
Regular insulin action, use, s/e, NI (2) action - brings blood sugar down ac meals, use - treats hyperglycemia, s/e hypoglycemia if meals not given on time; NI - meals on time, 30min before meals (breakfast)
Intermediate Acting Insulin NPH
NPH action, use, s/e, NI (2) action - brings blood sugar up after dinner, use - treat hyperglycemia; s/e - hypoglycemia if meds not given on time; NI - meals on time, 1-2hrs before meals (supper)
Sulfonlyureas Drug Glucotrol
Glucotrol use (4), s/e (3) use - treats hyperglycemia in type II diabetesm anti-flammatory, decrease BP, help w/ stress; s/e - hypoglycemia, GI upset, heart burn
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