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Geography 2000

Chapters 10-12

Physiographic Conform to elongated features in the natural landscape.
Ethnocultural Coincide with historic breaks or transitions in the cultural landscape.
Geometric Simply straight lines defined by endpoint coordinates.
Antecedent Boundary Existing before the human/cultural landscape emerged.
Subsequent Boundary Evolved as the cultural landscape took shape.
Superimposed Boundary Result of a long process of adjustment and modification across an existing cultural landscape.
Relict Boundary Border that has ceased to function but whose imprints are still evident in the cultural landscape.
Territorial Landscape Shape of a states territory affects a states condition and even survival.
Compact States Near round or rectangular shapes with no major indentations.
Protruded States Substantial, usually compact territory with an extended peninsular corridor.
Elongated States Territorial dimensions in which the length is at least six times the average width; creating cultural or environmental transitions.
Fragmented States Two or more territorial units separated by foreign territory or substantial body of water.
Perforated States Completely surrounded by the territory of another state, so that they have a "hole" in them
Demarcation States mark stretches of their borders with fences,walls,or other barriers.
Delimitation Surveyors translate descriptions into lines on maps to show every detail in the landscape.
Boundaries Invisible vertical planes extending above the ground into the air and below the ground.
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
What is the ASEAN? Supernational organization with goals of political stability and increased regional integration.
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Agreement
What is the AFTA? Lowering of tarrifs has encouraged an upsurge in trade.
Emerging Markets? 1. Vietnam 2. Indonesia 3. Malaysia -Attracted foreign investment and exhibited robust economic growth rates.
Node Connections and centrality in a wider economic network
What is the capital city of Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur
Which European colonial power held East Timor well after the Dutch left the East Indies? Portugual
What is the name of a former Portuguese colony that is the newest state in Southeast Asia? East Timor or Timor-Leste as it’s now known.
Name the Southeast Asian country that remained, for the most part, indpendent state throughout the colonial era. Thailand
Between Southeast Asia and South Asia which of the 2 realms are less densely populated? Southeast Asia
In what year did Singapore broke away from Malaysia? 1965
What does “definition” refer to? Land reforms
What is the worlds largest Muslim country in terms of population? Indonesia
What is the ethnic group that forms a significant part of the commercial class in Southeast Asia? Chinese
What is the major religion practiced in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia? Buddhism
What is the major religion practiced in Indonesia and Malaysia? Islam
What type of government structure does Australia have? Federal Republic
What is the name of the Geography discipline that studies the fauna? Biogeography
Which country is Australia’s top customer? Japan
Who do they call Aboriginals? Natives
What foreign colonial powers colonized The Philippines? Spain
What foreign colonial powers colonized Laos and Vietnam? France
What foreign colonial powers colonized Burma and Brunei Great Britain
What foreign colonial power colonized Timor? Portugal
What foreign colonial power colonized Thailand? No one (Free Nation)
Vietnam is now the world producer of what crop? Coffee
What is the SE Asian country that exhibits a major protrusion? Thailand & Myanmar
What is the name of the SE Asian country that is still ruled by a communist regime? Vietnam and Laos
The Khmer Rouge killed as many as 2 million people in an attempt to change the society of which country? Cambodia
Name the 2 most populated countries in SE Asia with more than half of the realms total population. Indonesia and The Philippines
What natural environment dominates the physiographic of SE Asia? Mountains
In which natural/environment regions live large population clusters in SE Asia? Near valley’s of major rivers, areas that have volcanic soils, Zones of Plantation development in Malaysia, and Deltas of major rivers.
Large-scale population clusters in Southeast Asia exist in all but one of the following areas. Which one? interior highland regions
What is the cause of infertile tropical soils in SE Asia? Deforestation, and heavy rain fall
What is the consequence of infertile tropical soils in SE Asia? Population unable to sustain themselves, shrinking of world’s rainforest.
What do UNCLOS allow states to claim? Allows states to claim a so-called Exclusive Economic Zone that extends out up to 200 nautical miles from the coast. In this zone, coastal states can control other countries fleets, exploration, and other activities.
What percentage of Australian population lives in cities or towns? 82%
What was the agreement of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840? Granted colonists sovereignty over new zealand. Guaranteed maori rights over tribal land.
What is the capital city of Australia? Canberra
What area is called outback in Australia? The Periphery/rural areas.
What is another name for Saigon? Ho Chi Minh
What country today is mostly catholic because of its colonial past in SE Asia? Philippines because they were colonized by Spain
What is a territorial sea area? An area of the ocean where all of the rights of a coastal state prevail.
Which island is still under colonial administration in SE Asia? New Caledonia
When can a median line be drawn? Pg. 464 In the seas of Southeast Asia.
What is the largest country in territorial size in Melanesia? New Guinea
In what Pacific region is the island New Guinea located? South
What is the name of the small oil rich island sultanate of Insular SE Asia? Brunei
What is the major ethnic group in Singapore? 75% Chinese
What is the relative location of Indonesia? Located on both sides of the equator, therefore it is in the northern, southern, and eastern hemisphere.
What was called transmigration? The policy of the Indonessian government to induce the Javanese to move to other islands.
Do countries always claim at least 12 nautical miles of offshore water as a part of their territorial sea? No
What is the international agreement regarding the 200- nautical miles (320km) fishing zones for coastal states? Exclusive Economic Zone
What is Maori? Native New Zealanders
Can Australia and New Zealand be included in the Pacific world? Yes
What is the percentage of Australia’s aboriginal population? Disproportionately disadvantaged; lowlife expectancy; high unemployment
What was Cochin China? The name of the French colonial stronghold centered on the Mekong Delta of the former country of South Vietnam.
What are EEZ ? And their location? EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone): International agreement regarding the 200- nautical miles(320 km) fishing zones for coastal states Location: 200 mile zone where coastal states have total economic rights
What are the two largest islands of the Philippines? Luzon and Mindanao
Who colonized New Caledonia? France
What do you know about the Antarctic Treaty? Ensures continued scientific collaboration, prohibits military activities, protects the environment, and holds national claims.
What do you know about the Wellington Treaty? The antarctic treaty that was extended in 1991, only people were worried that it wasn't doing enough to protect the natural environment.
Who claims the South Pole today? Who it explored it/when? Countries bordering Antarctica
Which country is landlocked? Laos
Who colonized the East Indies? Netherlands
Can we say that SE Asia realm is a shatter belt and a buffer zone? why? Yes; Powered adversities, fractured, politically, culturally, physically
Who makes up the majority of the population of Cambodia? Buddhists
What type of cartographic form of national territorial has been made in Antartica? Pie shaped
What do "Highland cultures" and "Lowland environments" associated with? Highlands- Volcanoes /Lowlands- Coral
When did South and North Vietnam reunite? April 30,1975
Who owned Singapore originally? Malaysia
What island has a muslim based insurgency in the Phillippines? Bougainville
How many cores does Vietnam have? 2
What type a political regime rules Singapore? Parlimentary Republic Government
Locate Singapore Lies on the Straits of Malacca, at the southern tip of Malaysia
Identify Unitary states around the world. Power is concentrated in a central government. France, Afghanistan, Gabon, Myanmar, Liberia
Identify Federal states around the world. Federation State: Association among territories sharing autonomy with a central government. USA, Brazil, Sudan, Micronesia, Nigeria, Pakistan
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