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Unit 13

Organic Chem Vocab

Saturated Fat a fat that is solid at room temperature and has every carbon attached to as many hydrogens as they can bond too is known as ?
Active site the location where milk sugar attaches to its enzyme is called ?
CHONPS what are the main elements that organic compounds share in common?
"ase" enzymes can be easily recognized because they commonly end in what three letters?
nucliotide each molecule of DNA and RNA are made of a three part building block of phosphate, sugar and an amino acid base is collectively called ?
organic if it is "carbon based" and was/is alive, it is known as being ?
monosaccharide a simple sugar with only 1 carbohydrate ring
triglyceride a molecule that has three long chains of fatty acids and a glycerol "backbone" is known as?
"ose" most all sugars can be identified easily because they mainly end in what three letters?
hydrolysis using water to break apart compounds is known as ?
Protein the group of macro molecules that makes muscle or enzymes is known as ?
Enzyme a type of protein that is used to start a chemical reaction is known as ?
hydrocarbon compounds that are composed of hydrogen and carbon in chains or rings is known as?
Deoxyribose nucleic acid DNA, it's whole name is ?
C6H12O6 1:2:1 what is the ratio that all sugars come in?
macromolecule small molecules added together to make large molecules is re-named ?
Lipids What macro molecule has long hydrocarbon chains?
glycerol and fatty acids what are the two parts of a trigliceride
phospholipid what is the name of the type of fat that surrounds ALL cells and organelles
nucleic acids genetic materials such as DNA and RNA are all in what group of organic macromolecules
denature a protein when heated or in a pH change will be ruined. what is this called?
(-COOH) carboxyl group the funtional group on proteins and lipids that contains carbon is called the ?
disaccharide two carbohydrate rings hooked together is known as a ?
cellulose The sugar in plants that is not digestible for humans
cuticle the outer waxy layer on leaves used to protect the leaf from water loss
Glucose Animals use this sugar in making energy in their bodies.
polysaccharide many carbohydrate rings hooked together into a long chain
Draw a lewis dot diagram of the molecule CH4
unsaturated fats a fat that has double bonds and is generally liquid at room temperature is known as ?
steroids in the lipid family, the compounds that determine gender traits are known as___
inhibitor a substance that slows a chemical reaction is called ?
dehydration synthesis to attach two compounds together water will leave the reaction in order to bind the two molecules, this is called?
ATP the energy molecule of living things is known as -__
amino acids proteins are made up of long chains of ______
petrochemicals chemicals in oil production and refinement
lipids a type of macromolecule that is the fatty and waxy group
amine group found in proteins as a "functional group" and contains nitrogen
substrait lactose when digested is known as the ________ where the digestion process starts to break it down milk sugars
Unsaturated A hydrocarbon or a lipid that is not filled with hydrogen and has DOUBLE BONDS instead of single bonds would indicate that the molecule is ______.
They form COVALENT BONDS (remember they have 4 spots to do this and will bond with almost anything.) Why are carbon atoms able to make many shapes and molecules so easily?
Proteins Amino acids make up what molecule?
What is the oxidation number for C (Carbon)?
catalysts enzymes, like in digestion in your stomach, speed up reactions and are called
Balance this chemical Equation P + O2 --> P2O5
What type of bond would form between K + Br ?
What type of bond would form between N + S ?
carbohydrates Sugars are named