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vocab level E

ch. 15

abrasive causing irritation, hard, grinding down
acclimate to adapt to new environments and situations
chagrin irritation or humiliation, mortification
complacent self-satisfied, overly content
concur to approve, agree, ratify
defamation slander, libel,
explicate to make plain or clear, explain
fracas a noisy quarrel or brawl, brouhaha
grotesque unnatural, bizarre, deformed
pandemonium a wild uproar, chaos, commotion
raucous boisterous, clamorous, harsh-sounding
receptive open and responsive to ideas, tolerant
renounce to give up something, disown
repress to hold back, subdue
reticent not inclined to speak, reserved, reluctant
savory appetizing, delectable, tasty
somnolent sleepy, drowsy
vehement intense, powerful, vigorous
voluble fluent, loquacious,
zealous eager, devoted, devout, fervent, ardent
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