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Ocular Drugs

All Drugs

Apraclonidine Diagnose Horner's Pupil Alpha Agonist
Acetazoamide Calcium Anhydrous Inhibitor [CAI] Given I.V. Cross allergy with Sulfa Caution patients with Kidney Disease Side effect: Tingling and bitter taste
Indocyanine Green Retinal Diagnostic Drug WITH Iodine
Erythromycin Topical and Systemic (oral) Antibiotic One of the safest
Ketorolac NSAID
Moxifloxacin Topical Antibiotic Flouroquinolone Antibiotic
Besifloxacin Topical Antibiotic Flouroquinolone Antibiotic
Garamycin Topical Antibiotic
Topical Gancyclovir Topical Antiviral
Trimethoprim Rx for childhood conjuntivitis
Bacitracin Antibiotic
Infracyanine Green Retinal Diagnostic Drug WITHOUT Iodine
Azithromycin Topical/Oral Antibiotic Rx for Chlamydia, Blepharits, Rosacea
Timolol Beta Blocker Caution patients with slow pulse (CHF)
Cephalosporine Antibiotic Cross allergy with penicillin
Verteporfin PDT- Photodynamic therapy
Natamycin Antifungal
Bevacizumab Anti-VEGF Treats CSME
Tobramycin Topical Antibiotic
Famcyclovir Systemic (Oral) Antibiotic
Doxycycline Systemic (Oral) Antibiotic Rx Chlamydia, Blepharitis, Rosacea
Amikacin Fortified Antibiotic
Medrysone Weak Steroid
5FU & MMC Anti-Metabolite/ Immunosuppressive
Difluprednate Strong Steroid
Ketotifens Combine Anti-Hist/ Mast Cell stab
Alcaftaadine Pure Anti-Histamine
Olpatadine Combined Anti-Hist/Mass Cell Stab
Methotrexate Immunosuppressive
Nepafenac NSAID
Naphaoline Rx Childhood Conjunctivits
Aflibercept Anti- VEGF Treats CSME
Echothiophate Anti-Cholinesterase Side Effects: intense Miosis, Retinal Detachment, headaches
Trifluidine- Viroptic Topical Antiviral
Isosorbid I.V. Hyperosmotic Agent caution patients with CHF
Travopost Prostaglandin Agent Caution patients with CME & Uveitis * May cause pigment of Iris
Dorzolamide Calcium Anhydrous Inhibitor Cautions patients with Kidney Disease Side Effect: tingling, bitter taste Cross Allergy with Sulfa
Latanopost Prostaglandin Analogue Caution patients with CME & Uveitis * May cause pigment of Iris
Mannitol I.V. Hyerosmotic Agent
Carbachol Cholinergic Parasympathomimetic Antibiotic
Brimonidine Alpha Agonist
Edrophonium Anti-Cholinesterase Diagnosis of Myasthenia
Glycerine Oral Hyperosmotic Agent
1/8% Pilocarpine Cholinergic Parasympathomimetic Diagnose Adie's Pupil
Nedocromil Pure Mast Cell Stabilizer
Prednisolone Corticosteroid, STRONG STEROID
Ranibizumab Anti-VEGF
Dapiprazole Reverse mydriasis of phenylephine
Homatropine parsympatholytic drug,Cycloplegic ALSO HAS DILATING PROPERTIES
Lucentis Anti- VEGF
Pontocrine anesthetic
Avastin anti- vegf
chondroitin SULPHATE viscelasic agent
sodium hyaluronate viscoelastic agent
1/8 (.125) phenylephrine ocular decongestant
BAK (Benzylkonium chloride) Preservative
Purite Preservative, Disappearing preservative
5% Sodium Chloride Hypertonic agent
Sodium perborate Disappearing Preservative
povidone viscous vehicle to increase contact time of liquids
Lanolin vehicle for ointments
methylcellulose viscous vehicle to increase contact time of liquids
Petrolatum vehicle for ointments
Cyclopentolate Parasympatholyic, Cycloplegic ALSO HAS DILATING PROPERTIES
Pilocarpine Parasympathomimetic direct acting drug
Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic, injectable anesthetic
tropicamide Parasympatholyic, Cycloplegic ALSO HAS DILATING PROPERTIES
proparacaine Topical Anesthetic
pontocaine Topical Anesthetic
Atropine Parasympatholyic, Cycloplegic ALSO HAS DILATING PROPERTIES
hydroxyamphetamine Sympathomimetic Drug, Mydriatic
tamsulosin sympatholyic drug, anti-peostate alpha blocker drug with ocular side effects
Phenylephrine Sympathomimetic Drug, Mydriatic
Trypan Blue stains capsule or macular membranes
Botulinum Toxin syspatholyic drug
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