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MCC Med Term Final

MCC Med Term Final Test Clues

in- not
angi- vessel
-anthema skin eruption
antr- sinus, cavity
chol- gall, bile
cyst- sac, bladder
lys-, -lysis dissolution
-cele hernia, protrusion
-centesis surgical puncture
-ectasis dilation
median plane passing longitudinally thru middle of body from front to back, dividing it into R & L halves
apex top of a body, organ or part; tip; pointed end of a conical part
base lowest part or foundation of anything
intrinsic situated entirely within or pertaining exclusively to a part
extrinsic of external origin (or situated outside the part)
palmar pertaining to the palm of the hand
plantar pertaining to the sole of the foot
volar pertaining to sole or palm; indicating the flexor surface of the forearm, wrist or hand
SOB shortness of breath
CHF congestive heart failure
Pn pneumonia
UTI urinary tract infection
FUO fever of unknown origin
r/o fx rule out fracture
RUQ right upper quadrant
FB foreign body
prn when necessary, as needed
RLE right lower extremity
cholangitis inflammation of the bile duct
cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
cholelithiasis presence of stones in the gallbladder
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
hiatal hernia hernia through the esophageal opening of the diaphragm
dyspepsia gastric indigestion or "upset stomach"
dysphagia inability or difficulty in swallowing
emesis vomiting
atelectasis collapse of alveoli; incomplete expansion of the lung
periosteum dense, fibrous covering of the bone
tubercle small eminence on a bone, attachment for a tendon
epicondyle eminence on a bone above a condyle
osteoporosis demineralization of bone
Bennett's fracture first metacarpal fx
Colles' fracture distal radius fx with anterior displacement
pathological fracture fx occurring in diseased bone with only slight or no trauma
comminuted fracture severe fx, broken in many places
compound fracture fx which breaks the skin
overriding fracture fx where one bone overrides another
epiphyseal fracture fx through the epiphysis
greenstick fracture fx is not complete, may be bent; seen in children
compression fracture bone is pushed into bone causing a fx
transverse fracture fx across the bone (at right angle to longitudinal axis of bone)
impacted fracture adjacent fragmented ends of fx bones wedged together
oblique fracture fx cleanly separated at an oblique angle
spiral fracture fx twisting around a shaft of a bone
Pott's fracture fx of lower part of fibula w/injury to lower tibial articulation (ankle fx involving medial & lateral malleolus)
Created by: RoPray