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The Pressure Is On!

5th Grade Earth Science

Define atmosphere The whole layer of air covering the Earth.
Define atmospheric pressure. The force caused by the mass of air above you.
You do not usually notice it, but your body can easily ____ back with a force equal to the atmospheric ________. push, pressure
Air is made of _________. Do molecules have mass? molecules, mass
Where is pressure the greatest, in the atmosphere or at Earth's surface? Earth's surface
Because air molecules are close together, air is ____er near Earth's surface. denser
Denser air has more/less molecules per unit volume. more
Air molecules in the atmosphere are farther apart, so the air is less _____. dense
When air molecules are more dense, there is ____ pressure. When molecules are less dense, there is ____ pressure. more, less
Define elevation. the distance above sea level
What causes atmospheric pressure to change? elevation
Higher elevations lead to ____ pressure and lower elevations lead to ____ pressure. less, more
What causes pressure? air molecules banging into each other and objects
What causes more molecules to bang into things? compression of air
When air gets hotter, how are molecules and pressure affected? molecules bang into things harder and pressure increases
When you pulled one plunger out, the other one went in, why? Pulling one plunger out reduces the pressure inside both syringes as the air molecules leave the syringes to fill empty space between them. The atmospheric pressure outside the syringes pushes the plunger back until pressure is equal outside and inside.
Define meteorologist scientist that studies weather
Define weather The condition of the atmosphere around us. Heat, moisture, and movement are the three important variables thaht describe weather.
Define forecasting predicting the weather
Define weather forecast a prediction of future weather conditions
Which type of pressure do meteorologists discuss? atmospheric pressure
Why do different areas of Earth's surface have slightly different atmospheric temperatures? uneven heating of the Earth
What causes a low pressure area? Hot air expanding, becoming less dense, and exerting less pressure.
What causes a high pressure area? Cold air contracting, becoming more dense, and exerting more pressure.
What causes a convection current, or wind? The difference between cooler, high pressure area near a warm, low pressure area.
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