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Monday Night Quiz 3

What did the F stand for in the name of American author F Scott Fitzgerald? Francis
The North American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession was known by what name in the British colonies? Queen Anne's War (1702–1713)
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of which group of islands in the Pacific Ocean? Galápagos Islands
In the television cartoon series Scooby Doo, created by Hanna-Barbera, what is the real name of Shaggy? Norville Rogers
Which car manufacturer makes the model the Sportage? Kia
The Last Night of the Proms staple Rule, Britannia was originally included in which masque first performed in 1740? Alfred
Made into a multi-Academy Award winning 1966 feature film, the 1960 play A Man For All Seasons was written by which playwright? Robert Bolt
What was the name of Governor for Texas who was seriously wounded while riding in President Kennedy's car when the president was assassinated? John Connally
Who wrote the 1955 poem Howl, published in a collection the following year entitled Howl and Other Poems? Allen Ginsberg
What is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains of North America? Mount Elbert
The name of which chemical element is taken from the Greek for light-bearing? Phosphorus (Atomic number 15)
Where in London are the Golden Gallery and the Stone Gallery? St. Paul's Cathedral
Which city and historic county town in the north-west of England stands at the head of the estuary of the river Lune? Lancaster
In a coroners court, what phrase affirms a crime has been committed but without specifying the criminal, or in a case of suspicious death the cause of death? An open verdict
Commonwealth Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of which month? March
What are digital socks? Socks that have been knitted so that each toe is individually encased the same way as fingers within a glove
What name is given to the large bottle protected by a cage of metal or basket work used for carrying liquid chemicals - acids for example? Carboy
How is the Latin word videlicet, meaning namely, usually abbreviated? Viz
In English law, what is deemed to be the first priority for payment from the estate of a deceased person? The funeral expenses
Mount Wilson in California, Siding Spring in Australia and Mauna Kea in Hawaii. What’s the scientific connection? Astronomical observatories
How many witches make a coven? Thirteen
Which is the only city to have twice held the rugby union World Cup final? Auckland (1987 & 2011)
Which successful BBC2 series of 2013 is filmed at Harptree Court, Somerset? The Great British Bake Off
Which jazz musician was called "the Maharajah of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington? Oscar Peterson
Which poem begins with the line: “O, to be in England, now that April’s there”? Home Thoughts from Abroad by Robert Browning
Which architect designed The Senedd in Cardiff, The European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg and Terminal 5 at Heathrow? Richard Rogers
Who claimed to be The Earl of Warwick and, in 1487 led the first rebellion against Henry VII flowing the end of the Wars of the Roses ? Lambert Simnel
Which event, in 325 AD, established for the first time a common date for Easter? The (first) Council of Nicaea
Which event, in 800 AD, is the subject of a fresco by Raphael in the Room of the Fire in Borgo, in the Vatican? The Coronation of Charlemagne
Which Benjamin Britten opera centres on the election of the May King in the village of Loxford? Albert Herring
Whose novels include Cock and Bull, My Idea of Fun and Great Apes? Will Self
Popular in the 1960s and 1970s, what was the name of the hybrid motorcycles that combined the engine of a Triumph in the frame of a Norton? Triton
Which castle stands on the shores of Loch Duich, by it’s meeting point with Lochs Alsh and Long? It was, bizarrely, used to represent Fotheringay Castle in the film Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Eilean Donan
Which UK Prime Minister was nicknamed the Ironmonger? Stanley Baldwin (After the family business)
'Ox headed' is the literal translation of the name of the favourite horse of Alexander the Great. What was it's actual name? Bucephalus
In weaving what is the name given to the threads that run lengthwise along the loom through which the weft threads are woven? Warp
Who imposed the twelve labours upon Hercules as penance for the murder of his own family, in a fit of madness, which had been sent by Hera? Eurystheus, king of Tiryns
Bright's Disease is an inflammatory disease of which organ of the human body? Kidneys
Who became World Chess Champion when they beat the reigning champion Viswanathan Anand in November 2013? Magnus Carlsen (NOR)
In which British city is Armley Prison located? Leeds
What of fruit is used to make the dessert Belle Helene? Pear
Prior to 2014, how many boxes are there on the tv show Deal or No Deal? 22 (In Jan 2014, a 23rd box was introduced which comes into play at the end of the game)
Located in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Stark's Park is the home ground of which football club? Raith Rovers
Who hosted the BBC tv game show Reflex? Shane Richie
Which foodstuff has varieties called Oyster, Chestnut and Blewit? Mushroom
A Carbonade is stew cooked in what? Beer
Who played the part of the Child Catcher in the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Robert Helpmann
Which is Britain's largest species of bat? The Noctule
Which Russian composer's death on 5th March 1953, was overshadowed by that of Josef Stalin who died the same day? Sergei Prokofiev
Standing at 2,034 ft (620m), what is the highest mountain on the Isle of Man? Snaefell
The American jazz musician and composer Lester Bowie played which instrument? Trumpet
The mineral Sphalerite is the chief ore of which metal whose atomic number is 30? Zinc
The temporary public sculpture House, a concrete cast of the inside of an entire Victorian terraced house, won the 1993 Turner Prize for which artist? Rachel Whiteread (She became the first female winner of the award)
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, designed by the American landscape artist Kathryn Gustafson, is located in which Royal Park? Hyde Park
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is located in which Royal Park? Kensington Gardens
Oedipus the King, also known by the Latin title Oedipus Rex, is a play written by which ancient Greek writer? Sophocles
In the 1960s US television series Batman, who played the part of the Joker? Cesar Romero
What is the highest mountain in Spain? Mount Teide
Founded in England during the 18th century, The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing are more commonly known by what name? Shakers
In which US city is Hartsfield Jackson International Airport? Atlanta (The world's busiest for passenger traffic since 1998)
Isca Dumnoniorum was the Roman name for which English city? Exeter
Which is the least dense planet in the solar system? Saturn
Which US born writer wrote the poem Ariel? Sylvia Plath
What's the name of the hill in Gloucestershire where an annual cheese rolling competition takes place every Spring Bank Holiday? Cooper's Hill
Which world famous horse race forms part of the Spring Double with the Lincoln Handicap for betting purposes? The Grand National
What is the name of the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party? Granma
What is the name of the unconvential American reformer and feminist, who became the first woman to run for the office of President in 1872? Victoria Woodhull
The secret intelligence service agent Bernard Samson is a character featuring in novels by which author? Len Deighton
Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film Rope, was based on a 1929 play of the same name by whom? Patrick Hamilton
What was the only new song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice for the film adaptation of their musical Evita? You Must Love Me
Released in February 2012, Our Version Of Events is the debut album by which artist? Emile Sande
Maggie Tulliver is the central character of which novel first published in 1860? The Mill On The Floss
The Kelpies, two 30m-tall horse heads made of steel, standing alongside the Forth and Clyde Canal are the work of which Glaswegian sculptor? Andy Scott
What is the name of the sandbank at the mouth of the Thames Estuary that marks the point where the River Thames meets the North Sea. It also gives its name to a naval mutiny of 1797? Nore
The plant Beta vulgaris is the world's second most important source of which foodstuff? Sugar (It's the sugar beet)
Which painter returned to his family home in Kendal in 1799 suffering from ill health and mental depression? He died there in 1802. George Romney
Passiflora is the botanical name for which plant because parts of the flower were thought to resemble some aspects of the crucifixion? Passion flower
Who wrote the 1969 novel The Poseidon Adventure? Paul Gallico
What building designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens is located at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C.? British Embassy
The 1996 movie Shine is about the life of which gifted but troubled Australian pianist, played as an adult by Geoffrey Rush? David Helfgott
The 1928 book Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man was the first of three semi-autobiographical works by which writer, best known for his war poetry? Siegfried Sassoon
The long running tv soap opera Crossroads was set in which fictional West Midlands village? King's Oak
Duke or Duchess of Brabant is the title held by the heir apparent to the throne of which European country? Belgium
"People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity," is a famous quotation from which President of the USA? John Adams
What is the pen name of the American novelist Daniel Handler, the author of a series of children's biographies of which he is the narrator? Lemony Snicket
What is the name of the global transportation and logistics company based in Schindellegi, Switzerland? Founded in Bremen, Germany in 1890, in 2010 it was the leading global freight forwarder. Kuehne + Nagel International AG
Founded in 1821 with a bequest from James McGill, McGill University is located in which Canadian city? Montreal
As well as being the names for their respective city's Speedway teams, Leicester Lions and Sheffield Tigers compete at which sport? Rugby Union
Founded in 1927, which company, now part of Rexel UK Limited, is the UK's largest electrical wholesaler? Newey and Eyre
Extremadura is an autonomous community of which country? Spain
The Crab Nebula and the Pleiades are located in which constellation? Taurus
In 1988 Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, purchased which professional basketball team? Portland Trail Blazers
Meaning "railroad" or "the railway", what was the original version of the card game baccarat when it was introduced to France? Chemin de fer
Known until 1953 as Shangri-La, Camp David, the rural retreat of the President of the USA is located in which state? Maryland
What is the name for the Basque region in the Basque language? Euskara
In 1969 which two nations fought a brief war known as the Football War? El Salvador and Honduras
Who wrote the British historical novel published in 1855 Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley
In the Wallace and Gromit created by Nick Park, what breed of dog is Gromit? Beagle
Which Italian brewer's premium lager brand is Nastro Azzurro? Peroni Brewery
What is the real first name of ex-England footballer Nobby Stiles? Norbert
Created by: Runegold
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