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AP Psych Flash Cards/Jones 4th Period

Aphasia cannot understand or express speech
Positron Emission radioactive decay of beta plus
Michael Gazzaniga how brain enables mind
Roger Sperry brain lateralization
Gustav Fechner founder of psychophysics
Edward Tolman intervening variable in learning and motivation
Cross-sectional study data collection from population at a single point in time
Social clock age related events, example: marrying, children, etc.
Carol Gilligan gender difference in psychology
Konrad Lorenz father of ethology
Lawrence Kohlberg stages of moral development
Lev Vygotsky sociocultural theory
Terror-management Theory terror from wanting to live, but realizing death is inevitable
Stereotype Threat anxiety when a person can confirm a stereotype of their social group
Alfred Binet IQ test
Robert Sternberg triarchic theory of intelligence
Sir Francis Galton fingerprints in police work
Evidence-base practice making decision based free from bias
Tardive dyskinesia involuntary movements of the jaw and face
Solomon Asch power of conformity
Robert Cialdini persuasion and marketing psychology
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