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8th Gr. Final Review

These questions are meant to help the 8th graders review for their final exam

How does technology Impact peoples lives? Technology can help us AND hurt us, it can make our lives better AND make our lives worse.
What is the difference between a want and a need? A need is something we cannot live without; food, water, shelter. A want is something that we CAN live without but makes life more enjoyable or entertains us.
What would you call relationships among humans? Society; a community of people that relate with each other.
What do you call a set of related parts that work together to accomplish a purpose? A system
What is the end result of a system? Output; because it's the last step in an open loop system
What do you call using outputs to regulate or control the inputs or processes of a system? Feedback; because the output tells us where to make adjustments before the closed loop system cycles back through to make the changes or adjustments
What steps are in an open loop system Input, process, output ex: Baking cookies; input ingredients, process mixing and baking, output is baked cookies you can eat!
What steps are in a closed loop system Input, process, output, feedback ex: a friend inputs a text message, the message is processed through a cell tower and sent to you, the output is your phone beeps until it gets your feedback of opening the message and reading it
What is the definition of science? The study of the natural world
What resources do you need to build a product? TIC TEMP Time, Information, Capital, Tools, Energy, Materials, People
What are the 7 Systems of Technology? 7 Systems of Technology are Information & Communication, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Medical, Energy
Created by: Techedchica