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chapter 21

agricultural revolution the change from nomadic hunting and gathering to forming that took place abut 800bc
civilization an advanced culter
monotheism the belife of one god
prodtectorate an are that has its own goverment but in controoles by an out side power
chaparral the physical and human caracteristics that help people
poaching illegal hunting
mosque an islamic place of regigious worship
muezzin in islam a crier wo calls the faithfull to prayer fivve times each day from a minaret
minaret a tall slender tower attached to a moswue
desalnation plant the process of removing salt from sea water so that it can be used for drinking and irrigation
nomad a person who travels from place to place
trade dficit the situation in ich a country imports more than it exports
trade surplus the situation in wich a country ecports more than it imports
autonomy independence
genocide the systematic killing or intentional destruction of a people
nationalism pride in ones nation the desire of a cultural group to rule themselves as an separate nation
chernozem a rich topsoil found in the russian stepps and other midlatitude grassland
yurt a round tent made of a wooden frameworkd and coverd with felt or skins
fundamentalism a set of religous beliefs based on a strict interpretation of a sacred text
desertification the process of striping the land of its trees
ayatollah a religious leader amond shitte muslims
colonilism the system by wich countries set up solones to secure tsources of raw materials and markets
chaparall a type of natural vegetation that is adapted to mediteranean climates small evergreen trees and low bushes
oral history
nomadic herding
leaching the dissolving and waching away of nutrients in the soil
land degradation reduction in the productive potential of the land
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