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Ch.1 Basic Geography

Basic Geography in West Virginia

This measures the distance north or south of the Equator Latitude
This measures the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian Longitude
West Virginia is located in these two hemispheres Northern and Western
Name the five states that border West Virginia Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio
Name the geographic region in West Virginia where Spring Mills Middle is located Potomac Section
What is the capital of West Virginia? Charleston
In what geographic region is West Virginia's state capital located? Allegheny Plateau
Pinnacle Rock, Spruce Knob, Canaan Valley, and Cranberry Glades are located in this geographic region Allegheny Highlands
Name the three rivers that form West Virginia's western border Ohio, Tug Fork, Big Sandy
What is the natural border between West Virginia and Maryland? Potomac River
What is the man-made border between Pennsylvania and West Virginia? Mason-Dixon Line
What is the natural border between West Virginia and Virginia Allegheny Mountains
What type of climate does West Virginia have? Humid Continental
The higher the elevation, the cooler the temperature. This is called... Vertical Climate
All rivers that are west of the Allegheny Mountains flow west to the ___ River, then to the ___ River, then to the ___. Ohio, Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico
The head of the Potomac River is... Fairfax Stone
The mouth of the Potomac River is the... Chesapeake Bay
What geographic region in West Virginia receives the highest yearly precipitation? Allegheny Highlands
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