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PSY 401


According to Munsterberg, what would lead to one engaging in criminal activity? Social Circumstances
Film was of particular interest to Munsterberg because of what? It exploited the ways in which the human mind functions.
How do habits develop according to James? From grooves that develop in nervous tissue
Who called for the establishment of a national retirement plan? Hall
Munsterberg's approach to therapy would involve what? A therapist directing the course of the session by asking for specific information from the patient.
Ivan Pavlov is known for what contributions to psychology? Studied the salivary reflexes of dogs - interested in spontaneous salivation. Led to classical conditioning.
What is an anticipatory response? Top down association influencing physiological state.
From Pavlov's research, what are the components of classical conditioning? 1. Unconditional stimulus (food) 2. Unconditional response (salivation) 3. Conditional stimulus (tone) 4. Conditional response (salivation)
Describe the contributions of Edward Thorndike. Read James' Principles of Psychology and attended Harvard. His original goals were directed towards interest in education & how people can effectively learn. Developed general learning principles in the context of animal learning.
Thorndike's Learning Principles Learning is incremental, occurs automaticall, and applies to all mammals.
What is Thorndike's theory of connectionism? Learning is the result of associations forming between stimuli and responses, or "trial and error learning".
Thorndike's Law of Exercise Connections are strengthened with practice and weakened by disuse.
Thorndike's Law of Effect Frequent reward will strengthen a connection and punishment will weaken a connection
At the 1929 International Congress of Psychology at Yale, Thorndike abandoned the law of exercise and adopted what theory in its place? Truncated Law of Effect - satisfiers strengthen connections, but annoyers do not weaken connections.
What is Thorndike's "Babble Luck" Theory of language acquisition. We babble until we randomly say a correct word.
What is behaviorism? school of psychology which emphasizes the objective study of behavior.
To pavlov, conditioning was simply an extension to the study of what? Reflexes
At the end of Thorndike's career, he identified what as being involved in learning? Reward alone.
Munsterberg would likely have endorsed which of the following positions concerning polygraph devices? Polygraphs cannot alone prove guilt or innocence
John Locke may have had somewhat of an influence on behaviorism in what way? Locke thinks about the world as being through experience - mind is a blank slate & we build associations through experiences. Behaviorists likewise believe all that matters in predicting behaviors are the experiences one has.
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