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Ch.1 Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders in West Virginia

This place is located in Tucker County and is believed to have once been a lake. It is also the second largest inland wetlands in the U.S. Canaan Valley
This place is located in Hampshire County. Water seeps into the sandstone soil and freezes. The "insulation" created by the sandstone causes the air coming out of the base of the mountain to maintain 38 degrees. Ice Mountain
This underground cave is located in Greenbrier County. It became a Registered Natural Landmark in 1977. The cave's floor has hex blocks that may be 300 million years old. Lost World Caverns
This place is located in Pocahontas County. It is home to very unique Ice-Age flora that has been protected in acidic wetlands (bogs)that are found there. Some of the plant life discovered in this wilderness area is found in northern parts of Canada. Cranberry Glades
This unique rock formation is located in Mercer County. The rock formation was formed as a result of the erosion of Flat Top Mountain. Some people believe that it looks like a Medieval Castle. Pinnacle Rock
What is West Virginia's state bird? Cardinal
What is West Virginia's state animal? Black Bear
What is West Virginia's state tree? Sugar Maple
What is West Virginia's state flower? Rhododendron
What does fauna mean? Animal life
What does flora mean? Plant life
What is the name of the town where the lowest elevation is in West Virginia? Harpers Ferry
What is the name of the highest elevation in West Virginia? Spruce Knob
Created by: Elice