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unit 5

wealth n. riches
core n. middle; hub
crater n. hole
collide v. crash
tension n. gravity
entirely adv. completely
eroded v. faded
layer n. thickness
impression n. pressing
fragment v. break
lava n. magma
ash n. dust
geologist n. scientist
bulge n. bump
predict v. foretell
scalding adj. hot
pressure n. force
column n. pillar
sweeping v. move
oozed v. leak
heaved v. shove
raged v. angry
anxiously adv. fearfully
cinders n. coal
falter v. wobble
urgently adv. quickly
sternly adv. firmly
wreckage n. garbage
average adj. mean
tributaries n. creek
basin n. sink
minor adj. small
channel n. trench
frontier n. edge of something
nuisance n. annoying
navigation n. directing
precipitation n. rain
delta n. triangle
funnel n. a cone with a tube at the end of it
spirals v. shapes
elapse v. pass
persist v. to go on firmly
revived v. bring back to life
phenomena n. event
dwell v. way to live
wrenched v. twist
accustomed adj. an experience
occasional adj. amount of time
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