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RADT 465: Rad. Prot.

Radiation Protection

True or False: Are wavelength and frequency inversely related? True (Saia, pg. 229)
What is the equation for the speed of light? Frequency x wavelength (Saia, pg. 229)
What is the largest source of artificial/man-made ionizing radiation exposure to humans? Medical radiation exposure (Saia, pg. 229)
What does the Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau state? That the most radiosensitive cells are young, undifferentiated, and highly mitotic cells (Saia, pg. 237)
What is the most radiosensitive cell? Lymphocyte (Saia, pg. 237)
What are ways to reduce risk of radiation to recently fertilized ovum? Elective scheduling/10 day rule, patient questionnaire, posting (Saia, pg. 237)
What are the acute radiation syndromes? Hematopoietic, Gastrointestinal, Central Nervous System (Saia, pg. 237)
What are the stages of acute radiation syndrome? Prodromal, latent, manifest illness, recovery or death (Saia, pg. 237)
What is the definition of wavelength? the distance between two consecutive wave crests (Saia, pg. 225)
What is the number of cycles per second? frequency (Saia, pg. 225)
What is the unit of measurement for frequency? hertz (Saia, pg. 225)
How much of the x-ray beam is comprised of Brems? 70%-90% (Saia, pg. 227)
What is attenuation? The gradual decrease in exposure rate as ionizing radiation passes through tissues (Saia, pg. 227)
What is ionization caused by? high-energy, short-wavelength electromagnetic radiations that break apart electrically neutral atoms (Saia, pg. 229)
What are some beam restrictor types? aperture diaphragm, cone/cylinder, collimator (Saia, pg. 250)
Why do we use beam restriction? reduces patient dose, reduces production of scattered radiation, improves image quality (Saia, pg. 250)
What does mAs do? controls quantity-no effect on quality (Saia, pg. 252)
What does kV do? controls quality, affects quantity (Saia, pg 252)
What is the most important way to reduce patient dose? beam restriction (Saia, pg. 252)
When should gonadal shielding be used? the gonads lie in, or within 5 cm of, the collimated field; the patient has reasonable reproductive potential; diagnostic objectives permit (Saia, pg. 255)
What do primary barriers protect from? the useful beam (Saia, pg. 272)
What do secondary barriers protect from? scattered and leakage radiation (Saia, pg. 272)
When should a person be required to wear a dosimeter? when the receive .1 of the annual dose (.5 rem) (Saia, pg. 269)
How many mm should protective lead aprons be? at least .25 mm Pb equivalent (Saia, pg 271)
What type of switch should the exposure be on x-ray units? dead man type (Saia, pg. 271)
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