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RADT 465 radiation

ARRT registry review

Are diagnostic x-rays considered high LET radiation or low LET radiation? Low LET radiation. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 234)
___________ effects are usually acute effects and occur only after exposure to a very large amount of radiation all at one time (and perhaps to the whole body) and therefore should not occur in diagnostic radiology. Short-term. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 232)
What are the four stages of Acute Radiation Syndrome in order? Prodromal, latent, manifest illness, then recovery or death. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 241)
Name two somatic effects to an embryo or fetus. Spontaneous abortion, skeletal or neurologic anomalies (mental retardation and microcephaly), and leukemia. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 241)
In what projection would exposure be reduced to the reproductive organs and/or breasts? PA projection. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 258)
What photon interaction with matter involves a relatively low-energy (low kV) x-ray photon that interacts with tissue and uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron? Photoelectric effect. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 228)
Does mAs or kV control quality and affect quantity? kV (Radiology Prep Book pg. 252)
When should the gonads be shielded? If the gonads lie in, or within 5 cm of, the collimated field, the patient has reasonable reproductive potential, and diagnostic objectives permit it. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 255)
What is a flat piece of lead (Pb), that has a central opening, with a size and shape that determines the size and shape of the x-ray beam? Aperture diaphragms. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 250)
NCRP guidelines state that equipment operating above 70 kV must have a minimum total filtration of ___________. 2.5 mm Al equivalent. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 254)
What consists of a radiolucent chamber just beneath the tabletop above the IR and grid? Parallel plate ionization chamber. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 259)
Why is the digital fluoroscopy dose lower? The DF x-ray beams are pulsed, rather than continuous. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 260)
What size grid is satisfactory for radiography up to 90 kV? 8:1. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 261)
The entrance dose or skin dose is significantly ________ than the exit dose. Greater. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 262)
What type of radiation is emitted from the x-ray tube housing in directions other than that of the primary beam? Leakage radiation. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 270)
What are the cardinal rules of radiation protection? Time, distance, and shielding. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 271)
What are secondary radiation barriers and must contain at least 0.25 mm Pb equivalent, usually in the form of lead-impregnated vinyl? Lead aprons. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 273)
How far must a mobile unit's exposure cord permit the radiographer to stand away from the x-ray tube and patient? 6 feet. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 275)
What is the SI unit for Rad? Gray. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 281)
What does the roentgen measure? Ionization in air, and can be referred to as the unit of exposure. (Radiology Prep book pg. 281)
What kind of film badge has aluminum oxide that absorbs and stores the energy associated with exposure to ionizing radiation? Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) film badge. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 283)
How low can a film badge measure doses? 10 mrem. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 285)
In rem, how much radiation is a occupationally exposed individual 18 years of age or older allowed to receive? 5 rem. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 288)
What is the lifetime cumulative exposure for the occupationally exposed individual? 1 rem x age in years. (Radiology Prep Book pg. 289)
A pregnant radiographer's gestational exposure to the fetus must not exceed what during the entirety of the pregnancy? 0.5 rem (0.5 mSv). (Radiology Prep Book pg. 289)
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