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radiation protection

arrt review

According to the NCRP the monthly gestational dose-equivalent limit for embryo/fetus of a pregnant radiographer is 5mSv
Which of the following is/are used to account for the differences in tissue characteristics when determining effective dose to biologic material? tissue weighting factors, radiation weighting factors, absorbed does tissue weighting factors
What is the annual occupational whole-body dose equivalent limit regulated by the NCRP? 50mSv
what are sources of secondary radiation? background, leakage, scatter leakage and scatter
How does filtration affect the primary beam? increases the average energy
What is the minimum lead requirement for lead aprons by the NCRP? 0.50 mm of lead
OSL dosimeter contains what detector? Aluminum Oxide
What is the unit for radiation to biologic material? rem or Sv
hair loss is termed epliation
NCRP regulation says leakage radiation from the x-ray tube shouldn't exceed more than 100mR/h
When atomic mass of the same element are different it is called isotope
diagnostic x rays are described as low energy, low LET
promary radiation barriers are required to be how thick? 1/16 in lead
What dose response curve is represented by a direct relationship and starts at 0,0? linear, nonthreshold
What is the equation to determine x ray intensity? I(1)/I(2)=D(2)^2/D(1)^2
Aluminum filtration has its greatest effect on low-energy x ray photons
Occupational exposure unit of measure is rem or Sv
The SSD in mobile fluoroscopy must be 15 in max
The automatic exposure device that is located immediately under the x ray table is the photomultiplier
What kind of dose-reponse curve represent possible genetic effects linear, nonthreshold
What personnel monitoring device is the most sensitive and accurate? OSL dosimeter
List the 3 classifications of ARS central nervous system, gastrointestinal, and hematologic
In the production of characteristic radiation at the tungsten target, the incident electron ejects an inner-shell electron
What is the most radiosensitive part of the GI tract? small bowel
What is the unit of measurement for exposure in the air? Roentgen (C/kg)
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