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What tissue covers the trachea and larynx so that food does not go into the lungs when you swallow? Epiglottis
what is it called when fluids and solids come back up from the stomach to the mouth? Regurgitation
What is an inflammation of a blind pouch or sac in the colon? Diverticulitis
What is the medical term for gallstones? Cholelithiasis
What is a varicose vein in the rectum called? Hemorrhoids
What is the abbreviation for "nothing by mouth" NPO
What is the chronic disease that destroys the cells of the liver? Cirrhosis
What is the medical term for loss of appetite? Anorexia
Inguinal hernia Loop of intestine protrudes out the Inguinal canal.
Abdominal hernia loop of intestines pertrudes through diaphragm
Hiatal hernia Protrusion of stomach through diaphragm
Where is the appendix? end of the cecum of the large intestine
where is bile produced? liver
where is bile stored? gallbladder
what is the medical term for the removal of the gallbladder? Cholecystectomy
chole/o gall, bile
cholelithiasis gallstones
diverticulitis Inflammation of a diverticulum
enter/o intestines
gingivitis gum inflammation
or/o mouth
where does urine formation take place? Nephrons
what is it called when you place a tube in the urethra to drain urine from the bladder? Catheterization
what is the abbreviation for a urinalysis? UA
what xray is done of the renal pelvic using a dye that is injected into a vein? Intravenous pyelogram
what is the term for pus in the urine? pyuria
what is the term for the back up of urine in the kidney causing distention? Hydronephrosis
what is the term for a kidney stone? Nephrolithiasis
what is a visual exam of the bladder? cystoscopy
what would you call if a patient produced no urine at all? anuria
what is the term for blood in the urine? Hematuria
Ureter tubed kidney to bladder, carries urine
Urethra tubed bladder to outside of body
-algia pain
cyst/o bladder
dysuria painful urination
incontinence Involuntary release of urine or feces
Urinary incontinence Involuntary release of urine
lith/o stone
micturition urination
pyel/o renal pelvis
-stenosis Narrowing or constricting of passage
what is the baby called for the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy? Embryo
spontaneous abortion body terminated the pregnancy
abortion a doctor terminates the pregnancy
what is abruptio placenta placenta tears away from wall prematurly
what is the medical term for menstrual cramping? dysmenorrhea
what is another term for a benign tumor in the uterus? fibroid tumor
what is the area between the urethra and the anal opening called? perineum
Multipara more than one birth
Multigravida more than one pregnancy
what is the beginning of menstruation called? Menarche
what is the end of menstruation called? Menopause
what is the length of time during a pregnancy called? 40 weeks/ gestation
what is an excess amount of fluid around the testes called? Hydrocele
Urethra in a male semen and urine
urethra in a female urine only
what is an inflammation of the glans penis called? balanitis
what is it called when the testes do not descend into the scrotal sac? cryptorchidism
Castration removal of testes or ovaries in female
sterillization unable to conceive children
centesis puncture of cavity
colp/o vagina
mast/o breasts
oopphor/o ovary
orch/o testes
PSA Test for prostate cancer
small worm like outgrow at the end of the cecum appendix
abnormal condition of gallstones choleithiastisis
Pain in bladder cystalgia
Ureterostenosis narrowing of the uteterus
cystotomy incision in bladder
Urethritis inflammation of urethra
dysmenorrhea painful/difficult period
another term for spontaneous abortion miscarriage
surgical procedure of the sac to remove fluid amenosentesis
the structure that is shared by the ureatary and male reproductive system urethra
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