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Ch 13 & 14 TCI

Vocabulary from Chapters 13 and 14 from TCI

brief a short length of time
fertile able to grow crops well
elevated to raise
intense a very strong effect
monsoon a strong wind that brings heavy rain to southern Asia in the summer
plateau a flat area of land that is elevated, or raised, above the land around it
subcontinent a large landmass that is smaller than a continent
channels a passage dug into the earth, through which liquids flow
citadel a fortress built to protect a city
drain a pipe that is used to carry away flowing water, often dirty water
function the purpose of an object and how it’s used
granary a place to store grain
Indus valley civilization an early civilization, known for its advanced culture, that developed in the Indus River valley in India
Mohenjodaro one of the first major settlements in ancient India that became a center of the Indus valley civilization
reveal to show something that had been hidden
transported to move goods or people from one place to another
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