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RADT Rad Protection

ARRT Registry Review Radiation Protection

Tissue Weighting factor represents the relative tissue radiosensitivity of irradiated materials
Type of white blood cell concerned with the immune system that has the greatest radiosensitivity Lymphocytes
Direct effect usually occurs with high or low LET? high-LET
Grids require an increase in kilovoltage or milliampere-seconds? milliampere-seconds
According to the NCRP what is the annual occupational whole-body dose-equivalent limit? 50 mSv
Natural radiation cosmic radiation and elements within earths crust
Human-made radiation medical radiation, nuclear power plants, and nuclear medicine
Radiolysis irradiation of water molecules and formation of free radicals
Late somatic effects occur years after initial exposure and are caused by low chronic exposures
TLDs use? lithium fluoride
Secondary radiation consists of? leakage and scatter radiation
Lead apron are secondary radiation barriers and must contain at least .25 mm
Scattering occurs when there is partial transfer of the photons energy to matter
Absorption occurs when an x-ray photon interacts with matter and disappears
Attenuation reduction in the intensity of an x-ray beam as it passes through matter
Primary radiation barriers must be 7 feet high and must contain 1.5 mm of lead
Rad radiation absorbed dose
low-LET x-rays and gamma rays
alphas high-LET
hypoxic tissue with little oxygen
isobars atoms with the same mass number but different atomic numbers
isotones have the same number of neutrons but different atomic numbers
isomers have same atomic number and mass number
quantity mAs
penetrability kVp
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