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physical science 19

physical science chapter 19 flashcards

In saline, what is water solvent or solute? Solvent
Water is described as a polar molecule because it has: A partial positive and partial negative end
The bond between a water molecule's oxygen atom and the hydrogen atoms of another water molecule is known as: Hydrogen bond
A non-polar molecule is: unlikely to dissolve in water AND uncharged
Fourteen-karat gold is: An alloy, a solution, and a mixture of two solids
The unit most useful for measuring the particle size of a colloid is the: Nanometer
One of the simplest ways to increase the dissolving rate of a spoonful of sugar in a cup of water is to: Stir in the water
If you decrease the temperature what happens to the dissolving rate of NaCl in water? The dissolving rate decreases because solids dissolve best in higher temperatures
Suppose you crushed an antacid tablet before dissolving it in a glass of water. The crushed antacid tablet would: Dissolve more quickly than a whole antacid tablet
If large amounts of hot water are released from a power plant or factory into a lake: The amount of dissolved oxygen in that part of the lake will decrease
Timed-released medicine improves the delivery of medicine to the body by using different: Dissolving rates
Children's vitamins are usually chew able. Why is it a good idea to make vitamins chew able? Chewing increases surface area, which increases the dissolving rate of the tablet
A neutral solution has a pH of: 7
Most plants prefer slightly acidic soil within the pH range of: 6.5 to 7.0
The chemical formula for a hydronium ion is: H3o
Heartburn, often caused by overeating, is a condition caused by excess: Stomach acid in the esophagus
As the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) builds up in your bloodstream: Your blood pH decreases and your breathing rate decreases
Hydrogen ions: Are represented as H+
Solution A has a pH of 6. Solution B has a pH of 8. What is true about these solutions? Mixing equal amounts of these solutions would produce a neutral solution
What are the elements necessary to be present for hydrogen bonding to occur? N, O, F
An example of a nonpolar material is: Methane
The shape of water is: Tetrahedral or bent
The formula for concentration is: Solute/solution
When you shine light through a liquid and the light scatters this is called: Tyndell effect
pH stands for: Power of Hydrogen
What are the 3 elements found in hydrogen bonding? Oxygen, nitrogen and Florine
What happens to the pH of your blood when hold your breath? the pH goes down and becomes more acidic
What happens to the pH of your blood when you hyperventilate the pH goes up and becomes more alkaline
What protects your body from the acid in your stomach? the mucous in your stomach
What does acid do to blue litmus paper? Acid turns blue litmus paper red
What does an alkaline do to red litmus paper? A base turns red litmus paper blue
Feels slippery, Acid or Base? base
tastes sour, Acid or Base? acid
low pH, Acid or Base? acid
bitter taste, Acid or Base? base
baking soda, Acid or Base? base
vinegar, Acid or Base? acid
ammonia, Acid or Base? base
bleach, Acid or Base? base
produces OH, Acid or Base? base
produces H3O, Acid or Base? acid
Reacts with metals to produce hydrogen gas, Acid or Base? acid
can be corrosive, Acid or Base? both
What temperatures do gases dissolve best in? low temperature
what temperatures do solids dissolve best in? high temperatures
insoluable means does not dissolve
positive for tyndall effect colloids and suspensions
negative for tyndall effect solution
alloy for karat gold gold and copper
amalgam made of mercury (Hg) and silver (Ag)
Brass made of Zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu)
Steel made of iron (Fe) and carbon (C)
purpose for using an alloy combining 2 elements has better properties than each of the individual elements by themselves
Like dissolves Like polar dissolves polar and non-polar dissolves non-polar
positive end of the water molecule the oxygen end of the water molecule
reason for negative end of the water molecule unshared pair of electrons
methane, Polar or Nonpolar? nonpolar
water, Polar or Nonpolar? polar
ammonia, Polar or Nonpolar? polar
pH of H3O concentration of 10-4 pH 4
in the presence of an acid what is water, acid or base? water acts as a base
in the presence of an alkaline, what is water, acid or base? water acts as an acid
reason fish stay in cooler water during hot weather more oxygen dissolved in cooler water than warm water
Created by: Hross