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Jangles: A Big Fish Story

How does the author describe Big Lake when the sun goes down? the lake gets smooth as glass and a thin mist whispers across it?
What kind of fish is Jangles? A giant trout
Where does the boy's father tell him the story about Jangles? At the cabin in front of the big stone fireplace.
What did Jangles have that clinked and clattered as he swam? shiny metal lures and rusty old fishhooks
Waht did Jangles eat from the trees? eagles
Jangles ate____that strayed too far from home. beavers
Jangles saved a ___________when the canoe tipped over. baby
Some fishermen used _______ for bait. whole turkeys
One man tried ___ and blew his boat to smithereens. dynamite
What caused the boy to drift inot the middle of the lake? His anchor came loose
What did the boy catch before he caught Jangles? An old fishing rod
What could the boy do under water? breathe
Jangles told the boy wonderful stories about the beginning of _____. Earth
The boy felt like Jangels was his magical ___. uncle
What happens when you turn a fish upside down? it get's confused and can't hardly move.
Jangles says he is more than a fish, he is a ___. storyteller
Created by: williamslibrary