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Ten Rules

Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if you want to Survive....

Why was Kyle nervous about the first day of school? He had never rode the bus to school.
Who walked Kyle to school? James, his older brother
Why was Kyle going to follow the Ten Rules. He didn't want to get pounded.
What did James tell Kyle could happen on the bus? You could get laughed at, yelled at and kids might steal your lunch or football collection.
What scared the Big Kid at the bus stop? A barking dog
What did the Big Kid say the dog ate last year? A first-grader
What does Kyle call the school bus? A giant yellow rhinceros
What did Kyle feel like when he first got on the bus? He felt like a zebra at a lion party.
Rule Two says never sit in the ____________. last row
Why did Kyle ook at the kid sitting next to him? He didn't want to be rude
James told Kyle that eye contact was very _________. dangerous
Kyle said the big kid was the size of a _______. grizzly bear
Waht did the big kid have in his lunch? twinkies
James told Kyle that girls were as mean as ___________. snakes
Rule Eight says never mess with the _______. bully
What did the girl play at recess? Kidkball
What was the talking girls favorite color? yellow
Rule Nine says never be the last one on the _____. bus
What scared the big kid? The dog at the bus stop.
Created by: williamslibrary
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