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health care systems

analyze services in the health care delivery system

vary in size and types of services hospitals
provide assistance and care for the elderly long-term care facilities
allows individuals to care for themselves to rent or purchase an apartment in the facility independent living and assisted living facilities
treat a wide range of conditions and age groups general hospitals
provide care for only special conditions or age groups specialty hospital
operated by federal, state, and local government agencies government hospitals
provide hospital services along with research and education university or college medical centers
people are called residents long-term care
designed to provide basic physical and emotional care to persons who cannot care for themself nursing homes or geriatric homes
provide skilled and rehab care to prepare persons to return to the community extended care facilities or skilled care facilities
can be privately owned by one doctor or by a group of doctors medical offices
provide care to infants and children pediatric medical offices
provide care for diseases and disorders of the heart cardiology medical offices
provide care of the pregnant female obstetrics medical offices
provides care of the teeth and/or mouth dental offices
perform minor surgical procedures surgical clinics or surgicenters
provide 1st aid and/or emergency care to ill or injured pts urgent or emergency care clinics
offer physical, occupational, speech, and other similar therapies rehabilitation clinics
provide care for specific diseases specialty clinics
sometimes operated by hospitals or large medical groups; provide care for outpts outpatient clinics
offer clinics for peds health care, tx of sexually transmitted diseases and respiratory disease, immunizations, and other special services health department clinics
usually located in colleges or universities; offer clinics for various health conditions; often offer free care and tx to provide learning experiences medical center clinics
eye doctor ophthalmologist
eye specialist optometrist
provide vision exams, prescribe eyeglasses, and/or contact lenses, and check for the presence of eye diseases optical centers
provide special care for accidents or sudden illness emergency care services
perform special diagnostic tests such as blood or urine medical laboratories
prepare dentures and other devices used to repair or replace teeth dental laboratories
provide care in the pts home home health care
provide care for terminally ill persons hospice
treat pts with mental disorders and diseases mental health facilites
work with couples or individuals who are pregnant or considering a pregnancy genetic counseling centers
provide care to help pts with physical or mental disabilities get to maximum self-care rehabilitation facilities
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