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WGU-Foundations of Teaching-School Attendance Issues

What is the first amendment separation of church and state
how does the first amendment apply to schools no one religion in schools, prohibits teacher or education administration from leading prayer or religious groups in schools
what is the 4th amendment rights against illegal searches and seizures
how does the 4th amendment apply to schools allows metal detectors, searches of lockers since they are school property, prohibits strip searches, for private property searches, schools must have probable cause
what is the 8th amendment no excessive bail, fines, or punishments
how does the 8th amendment apply to schools Supreme Courts have ruled that corporal punishment does not violate 8th amendment rights, states may authorize corporal punishment without prior hearing and without prior permission of parents, many states have prohibited it
what is the 10th amendment powers not specifically held by the government by the Constitution, are delegated to the States
how does the 10th amendment apply to schools? lets states develop curriculum, departments of education, testing standards, funding etc.
compulsory school attendance laws generally apply to what ages 6-16 yrs.
what was the significance of the Pierce v. Society of Sisters case invalidated Oregon state law requiring children to attend public schools
Exceptions to Compulsory Attendance married students, students serving temporarily as pages for the state legislature, children who have reached age 14 and have obtained lawful employment certificates, Amish children who have finished 8th grade
Things that are not exceptions for students not attending school and that are mandated most religious or cultural beliefs, health requirements (vaccinations),
National Centers for Disease Control created guidelines so that children with Aids can attend school, what are these 4 guidelines? children don't have open lesions, can control their bodily secretions, can control behavior such as biting, and determinations of health risk should be made on a case-by-case basis by a team of health and education personnel
Public schools are obligated to educate school age children who are bona fide residents, what determines a bona fide resident? they live in the district with their parents or legal guardian, are emancipated minors, or adults student who live independently from their parents
what was the significance of the Plyler v. Doe case? states have to educate illegal kids
In Proposition 187, what did Californians try to do? deny free educations and health-care services to aliens
what state was the fist to enact an interdistrict open enrollment plan Minnesota
can schools charge fees for tuition, books, and course materials? yes
Created by: ageorge08