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Chapter 10

Pharmacology Related to Addiction

Cannabis sativa a plant species, commonly called hemp, from which marijuana and hashish are obtained
Cannabinoids any of several dozen active substances in marijuana and other cannabis products
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and hashish
Marijuana the most commonly available psychoactive drug originating from the cannabis plant. The THC concentration ranges from approximately 1-6 percent.
Sinsemilla a form of marijuana obtained from the uppollinated or seedless portion of the cannabis plant. It has higher THC concentration than regular marijuana, as high as 15 percent
Hashish a drug containing the resin of cannabis flowers. The THC concentration ranges from approximately 8-14 percent
Hashish oil a drug produced by boiling hashish, leaving a potent psychoactive residue. The THC concentration ranges from approximately 15-60 percent.
Hashish oil crystals a solid form of hashish oil
bhang a liquid form of marijuana poplar in India
Reefer and Joint are examples of: a marijuana cigarette
Ananadamide a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that fits into THC-sensitive receptors sites, producing many of the same effects as marijuana
Amotivational syndrome a state of listlessness and personality change involving a generalized apathy and indifference to long-range plans
Gateway hypothesis the idea that the abuse of a specific drug will inherently lead to the abuse of other, more harmful drugs
Dronabinol a prescription drug containing THC. brand name Marinol
Nabilone a prescription drug containing a synthetic variation of THC. Brand name is Cesament
Decriminalization the policy of making the possession of small amounts of a drug subject to a small fine but not criminal prosecution
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