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8th Enery and Power


the ability to do work or cause change? energy
what are two kinds of energy? kinetic and potential energy
the energy of motion? kinetic energy
the kinetic energy of an object depends both on its? mass and its velocity
kinetic energy increases as? velocity increases
what is the formula for kinetic energy? mass x velocity2 divided by 2
doubling an objects velocity will___ its kinetic energy. quadrupled
energy that is stored and held in readiness? potential energy
what is the potential energy called that is associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed? elastic potential energy
what is potential energy called that depends on height? gravitational potential energy
what is the formula for gravitational potential energy? weight x height
t or f the greater the height of an object, the greater its gravitational potential energy. true
the energy associated with the motion or position of an object? mechanical energy
the total energy of particles in a substance or material? thermal energy
t or f when the thermal energy of an object increases, its particles move faster. true
the potential energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together is called? chemical energy
what kind of energy is stored in the foods we eat? chemical
the energy that moving electric charges carry is called? electrical energy
what kind of energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom? nuclear energy
examples of mechanical energy? school bus ride, frog leaping, sounds you hear
examples of thermal energy? ice cream, ice
examples of chemical energy? chocolate, wood, wax
examples of electrical energy? batteries, power lines, radios
examples of electromagnetic energy? microwaves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation.
examples of nuclear energy? power plants, nuclear fushion
a change from one form of energy to another? energy conversion
t or f most forms of energy can be converted into other forms true
what kind of energy increases as its height increases? potential energy
what kind of energy increases and what kind of energy decreases? potential energy decreases and kinetic increaes
when one form of energy is converted to another, no energy is destroyed in the process< the law of conservation of energy
friction converts mechanical energy to ___ energy? thermal
t or f matter and energy can be converted back and forth? true
t or f a fuel is a material that stores chemical potential energy? true
examples of fossil fuels? coal,petroleum, and natural gas
what did the energy in fossil fuels originally come from? the sun
how is the potential chemical energy of fossil fuels released? they burn to release potential chemical energy
the process of burning fossil fuels is known as? combustion
the mechanical energy of turbines is converted into electrical energy by? generators
the rate at which work is done or the amount of work done in a unit of time? power
what is the formula for power? work divided by time
another way to calculate power? force x distance divided by time
1 j/s= 1? watt
t or f power is often measured in larger units than watts? true
1 kilowatt=? 1000 watts
t or f an electric power plant produces millions of kilowatts. true
power is the___ at which energy is transferred from one object to another or converted from one form to another? rate
1 horsepower=? 746 watts
25 N x 10 m=? 250j
5000N x 15m/ 3s=? 25000 watts
Created by: seradennis