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East Asia Map Test

World Geography

Policy designed to make China an economic giant by producing steel and agriculture Great Leap Forward
River known as China's Sorrow Huang He
Japan's largest trading partner US
Part of the Pacific Rim with earth quakes and volcanoes Ring of Fire
DMZ Demilitarized Zone on the border of Korea that is heavily guarded
A rich region where rice and other food crops are grown Rice Bowl
China has undertaken which major construction projects to increase trade Grand Canal and Three Gorges Dam
Revolution, redistribution of land, taxation, decline, invasion Dynastic Cycle
Founded by Laozi Daoism
2 countries that Japan invaded leading to WWII US and China
Japan has a booming economy despite lack of... resources
Why Taiwan is not a country It is still under control of Mainland China and China threatens to invade Taiwan if it declares independence
What you have to do in Japan to enter high school and college pass an entrance exam
4 natural disasters Japan suffers from earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, typhoons
Why are western nations concerned with Korea They have nuclear weapons
climate zone in southeast China humid subtropical
Which religions are based on nature Daoism and Shinto
Leader that defeated the Nationalists and head of the Communists Mao Zedong
Who is Kim II Sung Grandfather and eternal leader
Who is Kim Jong Il Father and dear leader
Who is Kim Jong Un Son
How did relative location affect the government of Mongolia It was ruled by China and Russia before
Which philosophy would condone the government actions at Tiananmen Square Legalism
Policy designed to use youth to eradicate elite and western ideas and restart China Cultural Revolution
Farmlands in eastern China are richer because of think deposits of... Loess
Type of tent used by Mongolians Yurt
Philosophy based on balance Naturalism
Dalai Lama is the holy leader of... Tibet
Which philosophy agrees to the saying, "A father who does not teach his son duties is equally guilty as the son who neglects them" Confucianism
Given to the British after the Opium War Hong Kong
Nationalist leader that set up a government in Taiwan Chiang Kai-Shek
Due to their aggressive trading economies, Taiwan and Hong Kong are... Economic Tigers
Believes all people experience suffering and pain Buddhism
Believes the government harms the way of life and should minimize interference Daoism
Which mountains divide China into two different cultures Qinling Shandi Mountains
Strong underwater earthquakes cause... Tsunamis
Which major East Asian economy is not an economic tiger Japan
Which dynasty start the Great Wall Qin
The original Chinese The Han
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