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Barnum's Bones

Review Barnum's Bones

Barnum was named after a famous ...... circus owner
Barnum did ------------things. unusual
What did Barnum find behind his father's plow? corals, clams, snails and scallops
Where did Barnnum keep his collection? his bedroom
How did Barnum imagine his family's farm? He imagined his farm at the bottom of a shallow swirrling sea.
Barnum was such a good student that he got to go on a ________hunt in the summer. fossil
Why did Barnum call Henry Fairfield Osborn, "My Dear Professor"? Because he loved bones as much as Barnum.
How did Barnum dress when he went prospecting? Sometimes he would wear a fur coat, a suit, black boots, and a hat
What happened to Barnum when he went to South America? He was shipwrecked and nearly eaten by a mountain lion.
Professor Osborn said Barnum could _____bones. smell
What did Barnum's friend find in Hell Creek Montana? the horn of a Triceratops
While Barnum was in the Badlands why was Professor Osborn getting cranky? The Carneige Museum of Natural History had found a new species of dinosaur.
Why did Barnum leave the Badlands before he unearthed the skelton? The season was over, and it was going to be winter soon.
What did Barnum do during the winter months? He worked in the museum's laboratory.
What did Professor Osborn call the T-Rex? "The king of kings" "a fighting machine"
What did Barnum collect in 1908 in the Badlands? A sunburn and mosquito bites
How did Barnum celebrate his discovery of the T-Rex Skull? danced the two-step and tango at a ranch near Big Dry Creek.
What did Barnum call the dionsaur species he had discovered? "His favorite child"
Created by: williamslibrary