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physical science 01

You are in a car driving high speed.You slam on brakes because you see a red light. You body goes forward when you slam on brakes. What force caused you to jolt forward ? Inertia
What are all the simple machines ? Levers,Inclined PLanes,Pulley's, Wedges, Screws, and Wheels & Axel's.
If you are traveling on a bus 18 m/s west. What type of motion is that ? Velocity
What is gravitational pull ? Gravitiational pull is almost like gravitational force, it pulls objects toward us and toward each other.
How do particles of a liquid move? The particles move fast enough to overcome attraction between them. The particles are close and slide past each other.
What are the 3 states of matter ? Liquid,Solid, and Gases
What energy transformation does a Light Bulb go through ? First it goes through electrical energy,next light energy, and thermal energy.
What does the Law of Conservation of Energy states ? That energy can neither be created or destroyed but transferred.
Does sound travel fast in steam, ice or water ? Sound travels fast in solids, so therefore it travels fast in ice.
What type of wave does electromagnetic spectrum use? Light wave
When 2 waves combine would it be a large amplitude or small ? Explain. It would be a large amplitude,because the the 2 waves make one wave with a greater amount of energy.
If you are in a dark room and you yell would the sound of your voice reflect or not? Explain. It would reflect, because the sound cannnot travel through a wall, it would reflect as an echo, because you are hearing yourself again.
Whats the formula of acceleration? where a is acceleration vf is final velocity vi is initial velocity and t is time taken
What type of graph would you use to graph acceleration and why? Explain. A line graph, because acceleration can change over a time or period.
What is the formula for speed ? Speed=distance/time
What are the 3 ways that heat travel? Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
What is charge? A charge is a physical property and is when objects exert force.
How many elements and atoms are in the formula ? \FeS 2 elements 42 atoms
True or False. Does a tornado do velocity? True
What are mixtures? a combination of 2 or more suubstances
When you mix all the colors of the rainbow what color does it make? White
Created by: geoo