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Physical Science 101

Is it true that an echo is when a wave creates an reflection in which the wave bounces back after it strikes? True
How are reactants used in an equation? When formulas are written, the reactants are writtten before the arrow. For example, CH4+ 2O2 -> CO2
How is the periodic table organized? The elements are organized by atomic number and whether or not they are metal, nonmetals, or metalloids.
What does Newton's First Law of Motion state? It states that an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motuion remain in motion unless it is acted upon.
What is the difference between kinetic and potential energy? Kinetic energy is energy that is created due to the fact that the object is in motion. Potential energy is the energy in which is caused by the position of the object.
What is an example of an energy transformation? An alarm clock= electrical energy ---> light ---> sound ---> thermal
What does the Law of Conservation of Energy? It states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another.
What is a newton and what is it used to describe? A newton is a SI unit that is used to measure force.
What are mixtures? A combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined
What is a solution & suspensions? A mixture that is homogeneous mixture of two or more substances that are distributed evenly among each other. A mixture in which particles of a material are more or less evenly dispersed throughout liquid or gas.
What are the significant differences between a parallel and series circuit? A parallel circuit has the ability to continue to light even if a light is removed. A series circuit cannot continue to light if a light is removed.
What does the Law of Electric Charges state? It states that like charges repel and opposite charges alike.
What is resistance, and what is it expressed in? Resistance is the opposition to the flow of electric charge and is expressed in ohms.
An objects resistance depends on which four things... Material...Thickness...Length...Temperature
What is a chrage? A charge is a physical property and is when objects exert a force on other charged objects.
Absorption is the transfer of light energy into matter...True or False? True
Interfernce is a change of the direction of a wave when a wave finds an obstacle. True or False? False
Where does chemical bonding take place? In the outermost energy level
How many elements and atoms are in this formula? FeS 2 elements and 42 atoms
In the periodic table we have elements, these elements have valence electrons. How many valence electons does group 4 have? 4 Valnce Electrons
Created by: koko01