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Radt 465

ARRT registry review covering radiation protection

rad is an acronym for what? radiation absorbed dose p.279
100 rad equals 1 Gray p.279
100 rem equals 1 Sivert p.279
What is the SI unit of Gray? rad p/280
rem is an acronym for what? radiation equivalent man p.280
radiation that has a higher linear energy transfer has a higher what? greater potentail to produce biologic damage p.280
what is the SI unit of Sievert? rem p.280
4 types of personal radiation monitors? optically stimulated luminescence thermoluminsecent dosimeter film badge pocket dosimeter p281
OSL contains a thin layer of what? aluminum oxide, it absorbs and stores energy associated with the exposure. allows for multiple read outs p281
film badges convenient, low cost, processed monthly, uses film p.287
TLD's use LiF crystals to store exposure information. they are more precise and more expensive than film badges and may be processed quarterly. p.287
what establishes limits for exposure to ionizing radiation? NCRP p.287
What is the Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau for? to determine the difference in radiosensitvity in tissues . work sheet in class
what are the three laws? if the maturity level of tissues are low than the radiosensitivity of that tissue is higher if the mitotic activity is high than the radiosensitivity is higher the more specialized the tissue the lower the radiosensitivity , work sheet in class
what is more sensitive to radiation, breast or gonads? gonads , worksheet
What is the SI unit for Roentgen? Gray,air
What is the SI unit for Curie? Beqquerel
what is used to measure the quantity of radioactivity Curie
the most significant occupational radiation hazard is scatter radiation from what? the patient p.268
leakage radiation is? what is emitted from the x ray tube housing in directions other than that of the primary beam.
the cord for the exposure switch on a portable x ray machine must be how long? 6 feet p.273
All fluoroscopic equipment must provide how much distance? at least 12 inches and preferably 15 inches between the x ray source and the x ray table top(patient) p.273
the cardinal principles of radiation protection? time distance shielding p.273
most occupational radiation is received where? fluoroscopy and mobile p.273
grids do what? improve the radiographic image by reducing the amount of scattered radiation, but increases the exposure dose p.261
Created by: amcoker