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institutional pharma

chapter 8

A short entry/abbreviation such as AMP 500 for ampicillin 500mg, used to assist in computerized order entry, is an example of: (a) The National Drug Code. (b) The uniform Product Code. (c) a mnemonic code. (d) a bar code (c) a mnemonic code
Which of the following documents is proof of receipt of class III controlled substances. (a) Narcotic inventory record. (b) drug use review report. (c) commercial invoice. (d) third -copy DEA form 222C C. Commercial invoice
When state and federal requirements differ on retention of records, what should take precedence? (a) federal requirement. (b) state requirement. (c) Longest time period.( c) Shortest time period C. longest time period
a patient who is allergic to one medication may exhibit an allergic response to drug products that ar chemically similar. This tendency is reffer to as: (a) An adverse reaction. (b) cross-sensitivity.(c) hypersentsitivity. (d) drug-drug interaction B. cross-sensitivity
The required size of an antimicrobial final filter used to ensure complete sterilization is. (a)0.22. (b)0.45.(c)4.5.(d)22microns A. 0.22 micron
A prescriber's DEA number is. (a)at least 10 digits in length.(b) needed on out patient prescription fo CS.(c)not necessary to fill prscriptions.(d)the same as the prescriber's social security number B. needed on out patient prescriptions for CS
The National Durg Code(NDC) is usually rquired for purchasing of pharmaceutical products, especially multisource products. (a)drug Topics Red Book.(b)U.S Pharmacopeia National Formulary.(c)Drug Facts and Comparisons.(d)AHFS drug information A. Drup topics Red Book
cimetidine anh ranitidine are. (a) Beta-adrenergic blockers.(b)prostaglandin blockers.(c)adrenergic agonists.(d)H-2 receptor blockers D. H-2 receptor blocker
adverse drug reaction and outcomes should be reported to the. (a)DEA.(b)AMA.(c)AphA.(d) FDA D. FDA
the purpose of a formulary is to ducument(a)the pharmacy reference sources approved for use by the pharmacy staff.(b)the use FDA-aprroved experimental drugs.(c)the chemical formulas of all drugs in stock.(d)a listing of committee approved pharmaceutical D.a listing of committee approved pharmaceutical and therapeutics in stock
what is the most important facto in maintaining a pharmacy computer system.(a)daly backup tape.(b)Operator indentification.(c)Disk space.(d)emergency power A. Daily back up tape
When medication are repackaged into syringes foe use in respiratory devices, the syringes must.(a)be made of plastic.(b)not be amber-colored.(c)be made only of glass.(d)not be able to accept a needle D. not be able to accpet a needle
Manufacturers will notify the pharmacy of a drug recall in writing by listing the name of the drug and the.(a)distribution date.(b)stregth.(c)expiration date.(d)lot number D. Lot number
what is meant bye the term"stock rotation".(a)stock with the shortest expiration date at the back of the product supply.(b)stock with the ealiest expiration date the front of the product supply.(c)stock with the longest expiration date at the front of the B. Stock with the earliest expiration date the front of the product supply
one of the goals of the formulary system is to(a)manage the cost of rational drug therapy.(b)increase the number of durgs in the pharmacy.(c)police pharmacy staff ordering habits.(d)decrease federal regulations in the farmacy A. manage the cost fo rational durg therapy
In a order reading"Flagyl 500 mg q6h for 7days," the most important missing piece of infromation is the(a)generic dury nam.(b)route of administration.(c)frequency.(d)duration B. route of administration
A medication ordered to be administered"a.c." will be taken: (a)in the morning.(b)after meals.(c)before meals.(d)around the clock C. before meals
A patient package inserts is mandatory when dispensing:(a)dexamethasone.(b)northindrone.(c)chlorthalidone.(d)spironolactone B. norethindrone
The purpose of a laminar flow hood is to(a)ensure proper filtering of sterile products(b)control personal access to the IV room.(c)provide an aspetic environment for safe manipulation of sterile products.(d) Ensure sterilization of al lproducts assembled C. provide an aseptic environment foe safe manipulation of sterile products
To permit subsequent retrieval, a precription order is aded to a patatient's computerize profile by means of a.(a)spreadsheet program.(b)word processing program.(c)database program(d)desktop publishing program B. word processing program
If a pharmaceutical is to be stored in a"cold place," the appropriate temperature range for storage is.(a)refrigerator,at 2degress C to 8 degrees C.(b)cool, at 8 degrees C to 15 degrees C.(c)room temp, at 15 degrees C to 30.(d) warm, at 30 to 40 degrees C A. refrigerator, at 2 degrees to 8 degrees C
Which of the following medication is classified as Schedule II?(a)Ms Contin.(b)Restoril.(c)Vicodin.(d)Lomotil A. Ms Contin
The major purpose of the performance appraisal process for technician:(a)evaluate the technician for a raise.(b)establish job descrisptions fort employees within the department.(c0complete the manager's job.(d)focus on desired behaviors to meet job respon A. evaluate the technician for a raise
the water-soluble vitamins are.(a)B and C.(b)B and D.(c)A and B.(d)A and D A. B and C
A patient with a cya nocobalamin deficiency has an inadepquate supply of:(a) vitamin b-12(b)Folic acid.(c)thyroid hormone.(d)vitamin B-c A. vitamin B-12
Pseudoephaedrine would b contraindicated in a patient with.(a) Allergic rhinitis.(b)a histroy of hypertension.(c)a histroy of urniary incontinence.(d)infection B. a histroy fo hypertension
if a patient reports experience nasal congestion when taking a prescribed medication, the pharmacy technician shoul.(a)frer th patient to the pharmacist.(b)recommend a nasal congestion.(c)recommend an antihistamine.(d)advise the patient to stop taking A. refer the patient to the pharmacist
Following a preparation of an antineoplastic IV admixture, the needle and syringe should be.(a)disposed of in a standard waste container.(b)disposed of in an approved container wihtout recapping or clipping.(c0recapped to prevent needle sticks.(d)clipped B. disposed of in an approved container without recapping or clipping
which of the following dosage forms best masks the unpleasant taste of a drug?(a)gelatin capsule.(b)chewable tablet.(c)buccal tablet.(d)Sl tablet B. chewabel tablet
According to the federal Controlled Substances Act, a prescription fo Tylenol no.3 would be filed in which schedule.(a)Schedule I.(b)Schedule III.(c)Schedule IV.(d)Scheldule V B. Schedule III
methylphendate(ritalin) is used to treat.(a)anxiety.(b)hyperkinesis disorder.(c)depression.(d)insomnia B. hyperkinesis disorder
which of the following names are correctly matched?(a)mavacor and lovastatin.(b)zantac and famotidine.(c)pepcid and ranitidine.(d)azid and propranolo A. mevacor and lovastatin
Which of the following tkypes of syringes types of syringes should be used in the mixing of cytotoxic agents?(a)reusable.(b)glass.(c)plastic.(d)Luer-lok D.Luer-Lok
Which of the following records would be useful in the event of a drug recall?(a)workload records.(b)drug audit reports.(c)purchase orders.(d)maintenance logs C.Purchase orders
Of the following, the reference source that would provide the most comprehensive indication and dosage information about a newly release hypertension medication is:(a)American Drug Index.(b)Facts and Comparison.(c)Physicians' Desk Reference.(d)Merck Index B.Facts and Comparison
ethambutol and isoniazid are classified is:(a)Ampicillin.(b0Tetracycline.(c)Allopurinol.(d)Clarithromycin B.Tetracycline
The term"turnover rate" usually refers to:(a)how fast the inventory is used.(b)the rate at which an IV bag runs.(c)the delivery time from the wholesaler.(d)how fast an IV bag is used fast the inventory is used
Which of the following is classified as a calcium-channel blocker?(a)captopril.(b)verapamil.(c)digoxin.(d)propranolol B.verapamil
The Joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations verifies that laminar flow hoods are certified at least?(a)every 2 years.(b)once per year.(c)twice per year.(d)three times per year C.twice per year
the proper technique for cleaning a horizontal laminar flow hood is to wipe(a)from back to front using side to side motions.(b)from back to front starting at the left side and using back to front mostions.(c)from front to back using side to side motions A.From back to front using side to side motions
Latex gloves, gowns, respirators, face shields, and chemical splash goggles used in chemotherpy prepration are known as:(a)personal protctive equipment.(b)decontamination supplies.(c)durable devices.(d)absorbent equipment A.personal protctive equipment
The ability of a dry product to maintain chemcal and physical integrity over time is termed:(a)manufacturing.(b)stability.(c)bulk compunding.(d)trituration B.stability
the proper method for disposing of a used needle an syringe is to.(a)place the needle and syringe directly into a sharps container.(b)carefully move the needle to one side for later disposal.(c)first recap the needle, then dispose of into a shrps containe the needle and syringe directly into a sharps container
An investigational drus has been discontinued by the physician. The remaining drus should be.(a)destroye with the action witnessed by another individual.(b)discarded in a biohazard container.(c)returned to the person responsible for investigational drug C. returne to the person responsible for investigational drug
Labeling of unit dose produts must include medication name and which of the following?(a)patient name, expiration date, dispensing date.(b)dose strength, manufacturer or pharmacy code, druy expiration date.(c)Physcian name, generic name, patient name. B.dose strength, manufacturer or pharmacy code, drug expiration date
According to the Controlled Substances Act, a prescription for Dexedrine should be filed under which schedule?(a)schedule II.(b)schedule III.(c)schedule IV.(d)schedule V A.schedule II
A prescription for pilocarpine 4% bearing the direction "ii gtts OS q.d" should be administered in.(a)Each nostril.(b)The left eye.(c)The right eye.(d)Both eyes B.the left eye
Digoxin is a member of which of the following classes of drug.(a)ACE inhibitors.(b)Cardiac gylcosides.(c)Beta-blockers(d)Calcium channel blockers B.cardiac glycosides
Patient with opiod allergies should avoid taking.(a)aspirin.(b)morphine.(c)tramadol.(d)ketorolac B.morphine
A person who cannot tolerate nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NASID) medication for dental pain may take.(a)piroxicam.(b)acetaminophen.(c)naproxen.(d)indomethacin B.acetaminophen
which of the following indicates the recommended storage temperature of penicillin G procaine.(a)warm, at 30-40 degrees.(b)room temperature, at 15-30 degrees C.(c)refrigerator, at 2-8 degrees C.(d)freezer, at -20 to -10 degrees C C.refrigerator, at 2-8 degrees C
Gowns used in preparing cytotoxic agents must close.(a)in the front.(b)in the back.(c)at the neck only.(d)at the side the back
A medication to relieve a dry hacking cough is called an.(a)expretorant.(b)anthelmintic.(c)antipyretic.(d)antitussive D.antitussive
The cost sharing plan in which patients pay a specified dollar amount for every prescription recevied is know as.(a)full payment.(b)deductible.(c)co-payment.(d)co-insurance
according to the federal law, in the event of the suspected theft of a Schedule II medication, the pharmacy is required to notify which agencies.(a)the DEA and the local police department.(b)The DEA and the state board of pharmacy.(c)The FDA and the DEA A.the DEA and the local police department
When use of or exposure to a product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death, its reall is designated.(a)Class I.(b)Class II.(c)Class III.(d)Class IV A.class I
Which of the following is a Schedule III controled substances under federal low.(a)Guaifenesin AC syrup.(b)Acetaminophen with codeine.(c)Atropine.(d)Phenobarbital B.acetaminophen with codeine
The two basic parts of a needle are the.(a)shaft and hub.(b)cover and lock.(c)core and gauge.(d)barrel and plunger A.shaft and hub
Meperidine is a/an.(a)narcotic.(b)antibiotic.(c)stimulant.(d)barbiturate A.narcotic
The second field of numbers in the National Durg Code(NDC) identifies the.(aOthe package size.(b)manufacturer.(c)expiration date.(d)drug description D.drug description
According to federal law, prescription orders for controlled drugs(schedule II to IV)must contain all of the following except the.(a)physician's telephone number.(b)physician's DEA registration number.(c)patient's full name and address.(d)physician's sign A.physician's telephone number
Of the following, which document would provide the most complete information for a pharmacy technician wishing to verifyk how to inventory and record a shipment of pharmaceutical products?(a)the pharmacy's policy and procedure manual.(b)OSHA guidelines. A.the pharmacy's policy and procedure manual.
Which of the following nonprescription analgesics would be the safest choice for a patient taking warfarin(Coumadin).(a0Acetaminophen(tylenol).(b)Ketoprofen(orudis KT).(c)Naproxen(aleve).(d)Ibuprofen(advil) A.acetaminophen(tylenol)
Cleocin T 1% should be stored in the.(a)refrigerator.(b)injectable section.(c)liquid section.(d)topical section D.topical section
Filgrastin is available under wihch of the following trade names?(a)miacalcin.(b)procrit.(c)intron A.(d)neupogen. D.neupogen
Corticosteroid therapy is characterized by.(a)absence of mood swings.(b)suppression of the body's production of cortisol.(c)decreased water retention.(d)decreased potential for ulcers. B.suppression of the body's production of cortisol.
Which of the following medications would interfere with the action of tetracycline.(a0enteric-coated aspirin.(b)pseudoephedrine.(c)guaifenesin.(d).aluminum and magnesim hydroxide D.aluminum and magnesium hydroxide
If a bottle breaks, a spill kit should be used if the bottle contained which of the following.(a)ondansetron.(b)etoposide.(c)acyclovir.(d).amphotericin B B.etoposide
Which of the following is a decongestant?(a)phenyleprine.(b)brompheniramine.(c)diphenhydramine.(d)chlorpheniramine A.phenylephrine
Which of the following antibiotics should be avoide in patients allergic to cefaclor(ceclor).(a)nitrofurantoin(macrobid).(b)cephalexin(keflex).(c)clarithromycin(biaxin).(d)doxycycline(vibramycin) B.cephalexin(keflex)
Which of the following describe a drug administration method that achieves controlled release of the product using a flat unit applied to the skin?(a)intrdermal.(b)subcutaneous.(c)sublingual.(d)transdermal D.transdermal
according to DEA regulations, when schedule II sbustances are received, which of the following items of information must be recorded on DEA form 222.( of order and number of items received.(b)date of receipt and number of items received. Bdate of receipt and number of items received
selenium sulfide is an active ingredient effective in the treatment of.(a0dementia).(b).diarrhea.(c)dandrff.(d)diabetes. C.dandruff
Upon noting that a medication has reached its expiration date, the pharmacy technician should.(a)record the cost and inventory information, and then discard the stock.(b)proceed according to the pharmacy's return policy.(c).destroy the medication.(d)FDA B.proceed according to the pharmacy's return policy.
the physiological process of distribution is the means by which a drug.(a)enters the bloodstream.(b)is transported throughout the body.(c)is removed from the body.(d)is broken down by naturally occcurring biochemicals. transproted throughout the body.
Patiens taking naproxen for an inflammation should be adviesed by the pharmacist to use which of the following medication.(a)etolodac.(b).actaminophen.(c)aspirin.(d)oxazoprin B.actaminophen
Which of the following drug combiation should be brought to the attention of the prescribing physician.(a)scralfate and tetracyline.(b)warfarin and aspirin.(c)sucralfate and warfarin.(d)aspirin and tetracycline B.warfarin and aspirin
Which of the following drugs may couse photosensitivity.(a)sulfamethoxazole.(b)ketorolac.(c)estradiol.(d)fluoscetine. A.sulfamethoxazole
An order is received for refills of metoprolol and lovastatin. Which medications from the patient's profile should be refilled.(a0loprossor and mevacor.(b)tenormin and zocor.(c)lopressor and zocor.(d)tenormin and mevacor A.lopressor and mevacor
Containers used for repackaging of inuectable medications must be sterile and.(a)made of low-density plastic.(b)pyrogen-free.(c)made of glass.(d)clear and colorless B.pyrogen-free
A prescription reading"iigtt OU b.i.d.p.r.n. pain" would be dispensed with which of the following directions.(a)instill 2 drops in the left eye twice a day as nedded for pain.(b)instill 2 drops in each eye twice a day as needed for pain B.instill 2 drops in each eye twice a day as nedded for pain.
A listing of the medications from which a physician may prescribe within a given seeting, such as a third-party plan, is call a.(a)risk contract.(b)formulary.(c).pharmacy benefit manager.(d)closed panel B.formulary
The recommended stroage teperature for phenobarbital injection is at.(a)30-40 degrees C.(b)-20 to-10 degrees C.(c)2 to 8 degrees c.(d).15 to 30 degrees C D.15 to 30 degrees C
A medication that should be protected from exposure to light is.(a).ondansetron.(b).diphenhydramine.(c)ampicillin.(d)nitroprusside. D.nitroprusside
Which of the following professional concepts most specifically refers to protection of the identity and health infromation of patients.(a). Motility.(b).Confidentialyty.(c)Mortality.(d)Compatibility B.confidentiality
Which of the following drugs is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance.(a)Ritalin.(b)Persantine.(c)Halcion.(d)Restoril A.Ritalin
A pharmacy technician learns that an estradiol patch has been recalled because of failure to release drug within the specified period.How should this recall be classified.(a)Class I.(b)Class II.(c)Class III.(d)Class IV C.class III
which of the following drug categories may be selected for DUE criteria?(a)drugs know to cause adverse reaction or drug interaction.(b)drugs in phase III of the clinical trial.(c)drugs frequently backordered by the manufacturer. A.drugs know to cause adverse reactions or drug interactions.
Which of the following parenteral medications must be prepared inside a biological safety cabinet.(a)Vanconmycin.(b)Streptomycin.(c)Erythromycin.(d)Dactinomycin D.dactinomycin
The middle four characters of an NDC number represent which of the following product elements.(a)pakage size, manufacturer, and strength.(b)product, strength, and dosage form.(c)manufactruer and dosage form.(d)pakage size and product strenght Bproduct, strength, and dosage form
A patient with a penicillin allergy is most likely to exhibit a sensitivity to.(a)ecphalexin.(b)gentamacin.(c)erythromycin.(d)eoxycycline A.cephalenxin
When an istitution arees to purchase 80%-90% of its pharmaeuticals from a single vendor, this arrangement isknow as a.(a)direct purchasing agreement.(b)manufacturer agreement.(c)borrow and loan agreement.(c)prime vendor agreement. vendor agreement.
A pharmacy technician has moved aclass III prescription balance on a secure level surface. Before weighing any substance, the technician should.(a)Place the substance on the right-hand pan.(b)unlock the balance and level it to zero. B.unlock the balance and level it to zero
Which of the follwoing does the prefix"neur(o)" represent.(a)nerve.(b)heart.(c)lung.(d)kidney A.never
Once the crash cart has been refilled and dated, it should be.(a)sent to the nursing unit.(b)checked and sealed.(c)sent to central sterile supply.(d)sealled and stored B.checked and sealed
A pharmacy technician receives a prescription for"tetracycline 250 mg cpsules, #C."The technician would dispense.(a)50capsules.(b)500 capsules.(c)100 capsules.(d)1000 capsules C.100 capsules
K is an abbreviation for.(a)potassium.(b)sodium.(c)iron.(d)zinc A.potassium
Which of the following is a principle of an inventory control system.(a)first in, first out.(b)first out, first in.(c)manufactruer rebate.(d)fast movers first A.first in, first out
Which of the following is a commonly used reference that is basically a collection of drug product package inserts.(a)American Hospital Formulary Service(AHFS)(b)Phaysician'Desk Reference(PDR).(c)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences.(d)Handbook of Nonpres B.physicicans' Desk Reference(PDR)
The initial ordering of investigational drugs is the responsibility of the.(a)pharmacy director.(b)physician.(c0oncology nurse.(d)pharmacy technician C.physician
When a nurse calls for missing drugs,the pharmacy technician should.(a)check the patient's profile to verify the physiccian's order.(b)tell the nurse that the physician has to write orders for them again.(c)tell them nurse to use the patient's own medicat A.check the patient's profile to verify the physician's order
The term"extemporaneous compunding" means.(a)compounding with acontrolled substance.(b)preparing medication for a specific patient.(c)using mortar and pestle only.(d)making stock solutions B.preparing medication for a specific patient
KCL supplements are most often used in combination with.(a)furosemide.(b)phenytoin.(c)lisinopril.(d)ibuprofen A.furosemide
the trade name for glyburide is.(a)diabinese.(b)micronase.(c)Glucophage.(d)glucotrol B.micronase
which of the following is the fedral legislation enacted in 1970 that established drug schedules and registration requirements pertaining to potentially addictive medications.(a)Harrison Narcotic Act.(b)Controlled Substances Act.(b)Drug Abuse Controled Am B.controled Substances Act
Federal regulations require that a"C" designation be placed on the manufactruer's label for drugs in which classifications.(a)Schedules I and IV.(b)Schedules III, IV, and V.(c)Scheduels I, II, III, IV, V.(d)schedules I and IV C.schedules I, II, III, IV, and V
Which of the following medications must be stored in refrigerator.(a)flusoxetine.(b)cimetidine.(c)tetracyline.(d)Procaine penicillin D.procaine penicillin
Which of the following drugs is an ihaled neuraminidase inhibitor fo influenza A and B.(a)Vioxx.(b)Xenical.(c)Relenze.(d)Tamiflu C.relenza
An insurance or entitlement program that reimburses for products or services is a.(a)cash payment.(b)third-party plan.(c)home healthe care plan.(d)universal claim plan B.third-party plan
To ensure the safety of emplyees, hazardous drugs must be.(a0unpaked and inventoried by the pharmacist only.(b)labeled to indicate that special hadling is requied.(c)listed on a quarterly reprot filed with the EPA.(d)stored in a biological safety cabinet B.labeled to indicate that special handling is required
The most improtant pieces of information to have on record in the event of a drug recall mdeications are the.(a)NDC number and package size.(b)drug manufacturer and drug distributor.(c)drug nam and controlled substance status.(d)lot number and expiration D.lot number and expiration date
In hospital pharmacies, which of the following resources contains broad general statements of philosophy and detailed guidelines for implementing them.(a)Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS).(b)policy and procedure manual.(c)Human resources manual.(d)US pharm B.policy and procedure manual
A drug that in creases respiratory tract fluids and reduces viscosity for tenacious secretions is called an.(a)nmollient.(b)antitussive.(c)antihistamine.(d)expectorant. D.expectorant
Which of the following drugs is an H2 antagonist medication.(a)clonidine.(b)ranitidine.(c)loratadine.(d)clemastine B.ranitidine
which of the following is the recommended temperature storage range for etoposide(VP-16) capsules.(a)2 to 8 degrees C.(b)8 to 15 degrees C.(c)15 to 30 degrees.(d)30 to 40 degrees. A.2 to 8 degrees
Dosage forms such as Sequels and Spansules are normally adminstered via which of the following routes.(a)transdermal.(b)topical.(c)intramuscular.(d)oral D.oral
The extend to which a dosage form retains the same properties and characteristic that it possessed at the time of preparation is known as its.(a)stability.(b)concentration.(c)pH.(d)expiration A.stability
Which of the following is the most important item to have readily aveilabel in the pharmcay for use when staff is handling hazardous chemicals.(a)dilute isopropyl alcohol.(b)a spill kit.(c) A "code" box.(d)an approved first-aid kit B. a spill kit
what is the primary benefit of using automated medication dispensing systems.(a)tracking of adverse drug reactions.(b)better tracking and control of drug inventory.(c)prevention of narcotic diversion.(d)replenishment by nurses B.better tracking and control of drug inventory
Which of the following vitamins is nivolved in increased clotting.(a)vitamin B3.(b)vitamin K.(c)vitamin E.(d)vitamin A B.vitamin K
The ICD-9 code required on insurance claim forms refers to the.(a)diagnosis.(b)average wholesale price.(c)national drug code.(d).geographical A.diagnosis
Which medication may aggravate peptic ulcer disease.(a)acetaminophen.(b)omeprazole.(c)ibuprofen.(d)guaifenesin C.ibuprofen
Which type of FDA recall is issued when a manufactruer labeling error results in patient death.(a)Class I.(b)Class II.(c)Class III.(d)Class IV A.class I
Online processing of a third-party claim to determine payment is called.(a)reconciliation.(b)processing degree.(c)adjudication.(d)restriction C.adjudication
When conducting a DEA-required schedule drug inventory, an exact count is required for which of the following medications.(a)Ritalin and Vicodin.(b)Demerol, ritalin, vicodin, and Darvocet-n.(c)demerol and Ritalin C.demerol and ritalin
According to federal law, a registrant must complete a DEA Form 222 to secure a supply of.(a)fentanyl.(b)pentazocine.(c)lorazepam.(d)triazolam A.fentanyl
Bisacodyl is.(a)a sedative.(b)a laxative.(c)an antidiarrheal.(d)an anticholinergic B. a laxative
A pharmacy technician who learns that the patient is allergic to the drug prescirbed should.(a)refuse to process the prescription.(b)process the prescription.(c)notify the pharmacist.(d)tell the patient to see a different physician C.notify the pharmacist
Which of the following is an example of a Schedule I drug.(a)tylenol with codeine.(b)morphine.(c)phenobarbital.(d)heroin D.heroin
Which of the following is a medication that must be purchased using a DEA Form 222.(a)Methylphenobarbital.(b)Methyltesterone.(c)Methotrexate.(d)Methylphenidate D.Methylphenddate
When a recall notice is received, a pharmacy technician should first.(a)check to see whether the product is in stock.(b)order replacement stock.(c)notify patients of the recall.(d)remove the product from the shelf regardless of lot number A.check to see whether the product is in stock
A pharmacy technician is allowed to do which of the following taskes.(a)enter a written order into the computer.(b)counsel a patient on the use of an OTC product.(c)discuss a potential drug interaction.(d)recommend a medication to a patient or a patient's A.enter a writer order into the computer
The chemical formula for sodium bicarbonate is.(a)NaOH.(b)NaHCO3.(c)NaCO3.(d)NaCl B.NaHCO3
Federal law requires patient package inserts to be distributed with which of the following medications.(a)Prilosec.(b)Dilatin.(c)Premarin.(d)Minocin C.premarin
Which of the following parenteral medications must be prepared inside a biological safety cabinet.(a)Vancomycin.(b)Streptomycin.(c)Erythromycin.(d)Dactinomycin D.dactinomycin
All of the following are automated dispensing systems except.(a)Pyxis.(b)Sure-Med.(c)McKesson's Baker APS.(d)Kirby-Lester KL 25 D.Kirby-Lester KL 25
Where is the volume of aqueous liquid read on a graduated cylinder.(a)bottom of the meniscus.(b)top surface of the liquid.(c)Volume when drawn up into a syringe.(d)top of the meniscus A.bottom of the meniscus
The last two digits of the National Drug Code (NDC) indicate the.(a)number of units per case.(b)product manufacturer location.(c)dosage strength.(d)unit package size D.unit package size
Which of the following programs was devoloped by the FDA to standardize the reporting of adverse drug reaction.(a)MedWacth.(b)SideEffex.(c)ToxWatch.(d)DUE A.MedWatch
The purpose of the filter on an IV administration set is to prevent the.(a)contamination of blood products.(b)separation of an emulsion.(c)entry of particulate matter into the vascular system.(d)entry of air into the administration set. C.entry of particulate matter into the vascular system
The prescription term"Sig" refers to.(a)directions to the pharmacist.(b)medication dose and strength.(c)physician's name and address.(d)direction to the patient. D.directions to the patient
The generic name for Bentyl is.(a)diphenhydramine.(b)dimenhydrimate.(c)dicyclomine.(d)diazepam C.dicyclomine
A Y-site on IV tubing refers to the.(a)primary set of tubing.(b)medication port in the tubing.(c)roller clamp located at the end of the tubing.(d)drip chamber of the tubing B.medication port in the tubing
Which of the following medications on the profile would the pharmacy technician refill for a patient requesting"nerve pills"(a)chlorpropamide.(b)chlorathiazide.(c)chlordiazepoxide.(d)chlorpheniramine C.chlordiazepoxide
Universal claim forms are used for .(a)public aid prescription payments.(b)FICA submissions.(c)HMO group pruchasing credits.(d)insurance billing billing
Fe is an abbreviation for.(a)potassium.(b)sodium.(c)iron.(d)zinc B.iron
which of the following medications should be prepared in a vertical-flow hood.(a)TPN.(b)magnesium.(c)cisplatin.(d)trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole C.cisplatin
According to federal law, what is the maximum number of refills permitted for a Schedule III prescription within 6 months.(a)None.(b)One.(c)Two.(d)Five D.five
NSAIDs such as ibuprofen should be taken.(a)on an empty stomach.(b)with a sip water.(c)with food or milk.(d)at bedtime C.with food or milk
The purchasing of drugs directly from the manufacturer requires.(a)a minimum order set by the manufacture.(b)that you dispense only ther brand named medications.(c0that you do not purchase the drug from a wholesaler.(d)none of the above (A)a minimum order set by the manufacture.
To pripare sterile products, the lamina flow hood should be running.(a)15 minutes.(b)30 minutes.(c)45 minutes.(d)60 minutes (B) 30 Minutes
A"Capital Expense"includes the following except.(a)payroll.(b)shelving.(c)fixtures.(d)computer hardware. (A) Payroll
Federal law requires that all controlled substances dispensed bear.(a)Federal law prohibits that ransfer of this drug to another person.(b)This prescription may be habit forming.(c)Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription(d)none of the abov (A)Federal law prohibits that ransfer of this drug to another person.
which of the following drugs is prescribed for the relief of allergy symptoms.(a)phenylpropanolamine.(b)phenylephrine.(c)antihistamines.(d) all the above (D) All the above
Neddles used to prepare sterile IV solutions should be disposed in.(a)biohazardous waste.(b)regular waste.(c)plastic bags.(d)Sharp's Container D
Which of the following medications is a Schedule IV controlled substance.(a)Xanax.(b)Lomotil.(c)Tylox.(d)Tylenol#4 A
which of the following Diagnostic Kit tests for glucose in the urine.(a)Glucostix.(b)Chemstrip BG.(c)Clinistix.(d)Chemstrip K C
What is the storage requirement for the drug Neupogen.(a)room temperature.(b)cool temperature.(c)refrigerator.(d)Freeze. C
The five schedules for controoled substaces were established on the basis of.(a)efficacy.(b)abuse potential.(c)medical use.(d)all of the above B
Which of the following medications would be prescribed to trat a baterial infection.(a)acyclovir.(b)loperamide.(c)valproic acid.(d)metronidazole D
The active ingredient of a drug product is labelled USP. This standare is set forth in.(a)the United States Pharmacy Act.(b)the United States Pharmacopeia.(c)the National Formulary.(d)the United States Pharmacy Service B
Cocaine belongs to which category of controlled substance.(a)C I.(b)C II.(c)C III.(d)C IV B
Phenytoin is available in which dosae forms.(a)tablets.(b)capsules.(c)IV injection.(d)all the above D
Which of the following ophthalmic medications must be refrigerated.(a)Tobrex.(b)Gantrisin.(c)Genoptic.(d)Viroptic D
The "computer access code" for pharmacy software is used to.(a)access prescription files.(b)exit the program when finished.(c)transmit data off-line.(d)maintain prescription computer files A
Which class fo drugs decreases the viscosity of respiratory tract secretion.(a)antihistamines.(b)vasoconstrictors.(c)antitussives.(d)expectorants. D
The pharmacist must complete DEA Form 222 to obtain which of the following medications.(a)alprozolam.(b)acetaminophen with codeine.(c)oxycodone.(d)butabarbital. C
An abnormal irregular heartbeat is referred to as.9a)bradycardia.(b)arrhythmia.(c)tachycardia.(d)fibrillation B
Pharmacoeconomics refers to.(a)drug expense.(b)the number of prescriptions filled.(c)the neumber of compunded prescriptions filled.(d)all of the above. B
The maprmacy technician is filling a prescription for Zithromax and notices in the patient profile that the patient is taking EES tablets.This is an example of.(a)a drug interaction.(b)a contraindication.(c)a therpeutic duplication.(d)an adverse reaction C
Which of the following mecications is availabel in transdermal form.(a)codeine.(b)diazepam.(c)clonidine.(d)clonazepam C
The first set of numbers of NDC code indetifies the.(a)drug product.(b)dosage form.(c)package size.(d)manufacturer D
Drugs within which class of Controlled Substances contain no legal use.(a)C IV.(b)C III.(c)C II.(d)C I D
The tow leter code assigned by the Orange Book indicates the.(a)least expensive generic equivalent available.(b)bioavailability of generic drugs.(c)Therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs.(d)none of the above C
Who is responsible for the initial ordering of investigation drug.(a)P+T Committee.(b)nursing.(c)pharmacy.(d)MD D
Which of the following medications is prescribed to treat CHF.(a)carbamzepine.(b)doxycycline.(c)captopril.(d)glipizide C
The purpose of complying with" Universal Precaution"is to.(a)prevent the spread of communication diseases.(b)prevent the transmission of blood-borne pathogens.(c)Prevent contamination of sterile equipment.(d)all the above B
DEA form 222 allows the pharmacy to.(a)manufacturer controlled substances.(b)order controlled substances.(c)destroy controlled substances.(d)all the above B
The chemical structrue foe sodium bicarbonate is.(a)Na2H2CO3.(b)NaH2CO3.(c)NaHCO4.(d)NaHCO3 D
After syringes are used for preparation of hazardous substaces, the pharmacy technician should.(a)clip the needle and place it in the Sharp's Container.(b)place the sringes in a sealed plastic bag and dispose in special waste B
All of the following preparations contain ibupronfen except.(a)Advil.(b)anacin.(c)motrin.(d)nuprin B
If a patient ahs a severe adverse reaction after prior administration of a drug, this would be referred to as.(a)an naphylactic reaction.(b)a drug misadventure.(c)an habituation reaction.(d)an antianxiety reaction. B
The purpose of a horizontal laminar flow hood is to.(a)protect the technician when compounding sterile products.(b)sterilize the admixtrue.(c)provide a sterile environment for admixture compounding.(d)provide a clean surface fort compunding sterile produc C
Lovastatin would be prescribed to.(a)decrease blood pressure.(b)increase blood sugar.(c)treat a fungal infection.(d)decrease cholesterol. D
Reconstituted Ceclor is stable in the refrigerator fo.(a)10 day s.(b)14days.(c)21 days.(d)28days. B
Needle gauge represents .(a)the length of the needle.(b)the diameter of the needle.(c)the size of the hub of the needle.(d)none of the above. B
PCA pumps administer.(a)TPN admixtures.(b)blood products only.(c)irritating drugs.(d)analgesics D
NTG is prescribed for the treatment of(a)hypertension.(b)arrhythmias.(c)angina pertoris.(c)hyperglycemia C
If a prescritpion is labeled"ii gtts au tied", the drug product may be.(a)cortisporin otic.(b)crotisporin ophathalmic.(c)cortisporin topical cream.(d)any of the above products could be dispensed A
If state and federal pharmacy law differ, which law applies.(a)local law.(b)state law.(c)federal law.(c)the more stringent law D
Which of the following drugs is a calcium channel blocker.(a)quinidine.(b)digoxin.(c)nifedipine.(d)captopril C
The CDC is the regulatory commission resposible for.(a)infection control.(b)hazardous drugs.(c)new drug applications.(d)waste disposal A
which of the following vitamins are fat solube.(a)vitamins B and C.(b)vitamins A and D.(c)thiamine and riboflavin.(d)all the above B
Methylphenidate belongs to which schedule of controlled substances.(a) C II. (b) C I. (c) C III. (d) C IV A
Which class of drugs would be adminstered for a dry, hacking cough.(a)antitussive.(b)exprectorant.(c)nasal decongestant.(d)antibiotic. A
Penicillin V is sommercially available in which strength.(a)1.2 million units.(b)400mg.(c)2.4 million units.(d) 500 mg D
The "C" designation for controlled substances applies to.(a)Schedule II drugs.(b) Schedule I+II drugs.(c)Schedule I-IV.(d)Schedule V D
Tetracyline should not be administered with wich of the following beverage.(a)apple juice.(b)orang juice.(c)milk.(d)water C
Which catergory of drugs stimulates insulin release in the body.(a)hypoglycemic agents.(b)hyperglycemic agents.(c)hypoallergenic agents.(d)hyperallergenic agents. A
Terbutaline belongs to which drug classsification.(a)antineoplastic.(b)anthelmintic.(c)bronchodilator.(d)antihypertensive C
Which drug infromation source would a technician use for information concerning the dosing of a newly marketed antihypertensive.(a)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences.(b)Facts and Comparisons.(c)USP- NF.(d)Clinical toxicology of Commercial Products B
Which problem can bi avoided by administering a drug IV.(a)local irritation.(b)infiltration.(c)aspiration.(d)intoxication C
Which of the following federal regulations requires that a pharmacist council Medicaid patients.(a)Medication Safety Act.(b)Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.(c)Health and Safety Act.(d)Patient Conunciling Act. B
What information is required to be posted on each cell of an automated counting device.(a)name, strength and NDC code of drug.(b)name, strength and DEA# of the drug.(c)name, strength, lot# and expiration date of drug.(d)name, strength and date cell was fi C
Phenytoin is available in which dosage form.(a)sustained-release capsules.(b)100mg chewable tablets.(c)125mg/5ml oral solution.(d)30mg/5ml oral solution A
The term"AWP"stands for.(a)Merican Way Products.(b)Automated Wholesaler ricing.(c)Automtion with Perfection.(D)Average Wholesale Price. D
The Poison Prevetion Packaging Act requires childproof packaging for all medications except.(a)prednisone.(b)nitroglycerin.(c)isorsorbide dinitrate sl.(d)ASA 5gr. B
Which of the following medications is Schedule IV substance.(a)paregoric.(b)triazolam.(c)diphenoxylate with atropine.(d)dronabinol B
To which drug classification does the drug prochlorperazine belong.(a)antifungal.(b)antibiotic.(c)antiemetic.(d)antineoplastic C
the computer term"mneumonic"is defined as.(a) a shorterned term used to facilitate data entry.(b)a barcode used for reordering medications.(c)a special font used for pharmacy symbols.(d)a back-up hard drive to stroe prescription information A
What type of Drug Recall accurs when a drug is not likely to cause a temporary advers health consequence.(a)no recall is required.(b)Class III recall.(c)Class II rcall.(c) Class I recall B
The primary function of the P+T Committee is to(a)set standards for credentialing of the pharmacy staff.(b)work with the State Board of Pharmacy to enforce pharmacy standards.(d)act as a liaison between medical and pharmacy staffs. C
Federal law requires which of the following information to be documented on a dialy basis.(a) a log of controlled substances dispensed.9b)patient profiles of prescriptions dispensed for the first tim.(c)a running inventroy of all drugs dispensed. A
Federal regulations require a Package Patient(PPI) to be dispensed each time when which medication is dispensed.(a)nitroglycerin patches.(b)antibiotic eye drops.(c)analgesics containing codeine derrivatives.(d)estrogens. D
Whchic of the following medications belongs to the same class of drugs as etodolac.(a)phenylephrine.(b)diclofenac.(c)haloperidol.(d)cefaclor. B
The Pattient Package Insert (PPI) for oral contraceptives is requied to be dispensed.(a)each time the prescription is despensed.(b)only upon the request of the prescriber.(c)the first time the prescription is dispensed.(d0 is never dispensed with the pres A
A patient package Insert must be dispensed with which of the following medications.(a)northindron.(b)betamethsone.(c)spironolactone.(d)prednisone. A
Which of the following is NOT required on a unit-dosed packaged drug.(a)expiration date.(b)lot #.(c)storage requirements.(d)strength of medication C
An overdose of morphine would cause.(a)diarrhea.(b)enlarged pupils.(c)CNS stimulation.(d)respiratory depression D
Which of the following medications would be used to treat an ear infection.(a)SMZ-TMP.(b)AZT.(c)INH.(d)HCTZ A
If a patient cannot tolerate a NSAID, which one of the following medications may he/she take.(a)indomethacin.(b)pirocicam.(c)acetaminophen.(d)ketorolac C
Which of the following ausiliary labes should be affixed to a prescription for diphenhydramine elixir.(a)May Discolor Urin.(b)may Cause Drowsiness.(c)Take with Food or Milk.(d)Shake well and Refrigerator B
Schedule II medications must be ordered in which of the follwoing ways.(a)completing the proper DEA form.(b)callling the manufacturer directly.(c)calling the wholesaler directly.(d) calling the Bureau fo Controlled Substances A
Which of the follwing routes of administration produces the quikiest oneset of action of a drug.(a)PR.(b)PO.(c)IM.(d).IV D
Which ausiliary label should be affixed to the vial when dispensing metronidazole.(a)may discolor urine.(b)may cause Drowsiness.(c)shake well and Refrigerator.(d)Do not drink alcoholic Beverages D
Which of the following medications is available by prescription only.(a)phenylephrine.(b)loperamide.(c)diphenhydramine.(d)astemazole D
Which of the following statements is appropriate for a lminar flow hood.(a)test teh HEPA filter every 2 years.(b)work at least 3 inches within the hood.(c)clean the hood from back to front.(d)clean the hood from front to back C
Needles used to prepare IV solutions should be discareded by.(a)snipping them into a Sharp's Container.(b)Ziplocking them in bags labeled"Biohazardous Waste".(c)trowing them awy with the regular trash.(d)placing them in a recycle bin for sterilization. A
Which of the following products would be contraindicated in a patient who has had an anaphylactic reaction to ASA.(a)percocet.(b)percodan.(c)Tylox.(d)Firoicet/codeine B
What is the therapeutic generic quivalent for Benadryl.(a)ephedrine.(b)phenylpropanolamine.(c)phenylephrine.(d)diphnhydramine. D
Who is responsible for the drug recall proscess.(a)OSHA.(b)OBRA.(c)FDA.(d)NBA C
oral syringes are.(a)available in two sizes.(b)are sterile products.(c)are made from glass only.(d)are unable to accept a luer-lock needle. D
Which of the following is NOTa technician responsibility.(a)signing the DEA form from the wholesaler.(b)assisting in the controoled substance inventory.(c)prepacking of controlled substances.(d)preparing controlled substance dispensing report A
A homecare pharmacy compounds 50 TPN orders daily.Which device would asist in the preparation of these orders.(a)Baster ATM machine.(b)Automix.(c)Macromix.(d)Automated System Mixer B
What is the storage requirement for reconstitued cefaclor 250mg/5ml.(a)-4 to 14 degress F.(b)36- 46 degrees F.(c)46 to 59 degress F.(d)59 to 86 degrees F B
A hermetically sealed container is impervious to.(a)radiation.(b)sunlight.(c)air.(d)none of the above C
Which of the follwing medications is an OTC analgesic.(a)FeSO4 tablets.(b)diphenhydramine capsules.(c)ketoprofen tablets.(d)DSS capsules C
What is the maximum number of refills permitted for a Schedule III medication.(a) 5 refills.(b)no refills.(c)1 refills.(d)prn refills A
Patient infromation for Cerumenex would include the following.(a)how to instill eye drops.(b)how to apply and ortate a patch medication.(c)how to instill ear drps.(d)how to use an inhaler properly C
The NDC on a medication bottle refers to the.(a0manufacturer.(b)drug product.(c)quantity packaged.(d)all the above D
How old must a person be to sighn the exempt narcotic log.(a)16 years old.(b)18 yeras old.9c)21 years old.(d)25 years old C
Which of the follwing dosage forms is formulated to mask an obuectionable tasete of a medication.(a)sublingual tablest.(b)chewable tablets.(c)buccal tablets.(d)film-coated tablets. D
Which of the following dosage forms hase the ghigest concerntration of alcohol in its formulation.(a)syrup.(b)an elixir.(c)a tincture.(d)an emulsion C
What would be the proper course of action if a technician accidentialy had skin contact with a cytotoxic drug.(a)call 911.(b)wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately.(c)wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediatly and seek meidcal att C
How would you identify amedication ia a drug recall sutuation.(a)by tis generic name.(b)by its trade name.(c)by the manufacturers bar code.(d)by the drugs lot# D
Which of the following is the most accurate device for measuring liquids.(a)cylinedrical graduate.(b)conical graduate.(c)beaker.(d)a 2oz. cup A
Narcan is catagorized as a.(a)narcotic agonist.(b)dopamine agonist.(c)narcotic antagonist.(d)dopamine antagonist C
Which of the following medications is commercially aveailaber as a patch.(a)morphine.(b)meperidine.(c)codeine.(d)fentanyl D
Which of the following is an example of a side effect fo antineoplastic therapy.(a)bone marrow suppression.(b)increased bed blood cell formation.(c)increased white blood cell formation.(d)increased platelet formation A
Which of the following medications is an anticonvulsant.(a)atenolol.(b)dextromethorphan.(c)carbamazepine.(d)isoxsuprine C
Which of the following drugs is a NSAID.(a)toradol.(b)bretylol.(c)efficol.(d)geritol A
Tagamet, axid, and pecid are examples of a. (a)dopamine receptor blocker.(b)H2 receptor blocker.(c)ACE inhibitor.(d)beta blocker B
The red "c" in the lower right corner of a prescription designates that the drug is.(a)schdeule I controlled substance only.(b)schedule II.(c)schedule II,III,IV or V controoled substances.(d)all the above C
When devolping a policy and procedure for ensuring the safety of adrg in a multidose via, all the following should be considerd except.(a)the cost of the medication.(b)the stability of the medication.(c)the presence of a suitable preservative.(d)all the a A
Scannign for drug prices and stock levels would be accomplished with which divice.(a)compiler.(b)modem.(c)barcode reader.(d)zip-drive C
An"automatic stop order" in the institutional setting would apply to which categoryof drugs.(a)antidepressants.(b)antipsychotics.(c)antibiotic.(c)antihypertensives. C
Which of the following drugs is an antiarry thmic.(a)panadol.(b)Pravachol.(c)Prolixin.(d)pronestyl D
The dispensing label on an outpatient pharmacy precription requires.(a)manufacturers lot#.(b)physicians DEA#.(c)legal name of pharmacy and address.(d)physicians state liciences C
Efudex cream.(a)may be used as an anti-infective.(b)should be applied 3-4times daily.(c)should be applied with gloves or a nonmetalic object.(d)is available as an OTC products. C
Therapeutic equivalency indicates that the two drugs.(a)are the same shape and color.9b0 have the same quantiy of active ingredient.(c)belongto the same therapeutic class.(d)are equally effective at the same dose B
Materials management refers to.(a)the drug procurement process.(b)inventory.(c)drug storage.(d)all the above D
Heparin belongs to which pharmacological category.(a)anticonvulsant.(b)anticoagulant.(c)antibiotic.(d)antipsychotic. B
Whe a drug is fltered by the kidney into the bladder , this process is called.(a)abosrption.(b)secretion.(c)distribution.(d)elimination D
The computer program used for dispensing medication in the pharmacy seeting is referred to as.(a) hardware.(b)mediumware.(c)software.(d)modem C
Goals, Policies and Procedures and Mission Statements are all examples of .(a)Streategic planning.(b)tactical planning.(c0emergency planning.(d)risk management. A
After reconstitution, how should the drug filgrastim be store.(a)at room temperature for 24 hours.(b)in the refrigerator.(c)in the freezer.(d)there are no specific storage requirements for this drug B
U-100 insulin contains.(a)100 units per 10ml.(b)100 units per 1ml.(c)100 units per1/2ml.(d)none of the above B
A patient on warfarin therapy should nver take which of the following medications.(a)percocet.(b)tylenol.(c)demerol.(d)percodon. D
Which of the follwing is a Schedule IV controlled substance.(a)lomotil.(b)Xanax.(c)demerol.(d)haldol B
What protective apparel must be worn when recontitutiing a chemotherapeutic agent/(a)2 pair of gloves.(b)a hair covering.(c)a mask.(d)all the above D
Which of the follwing drugs requires the auxiliary label"May Discolor Urine Red"?(a)Bactrim DS.(b)Vibramycin.(c)Cripr.(d)Pyridium D
Which federal legislation enacted in 1970 regulates the use and distribution of substances with high abuse potential.(a)FDCA.(b)CSA.(c)DEA.(d)FDA B
Which of the following drugs i not a laxative.(a)Dulcolax.(b)Metamucil.(c)Imodim.(d)colace C
A vial of reconstituted Adriamycin breaks inside a vertical flow hood.What should be the technician do.(a)wipe up the spill with absorben paper towels.(b)dilute the spill with isopropyl alcohol.(c)clean up the spill with a"spill kit".(d)dilute the spill w C
The Roman numerals XLII is equivalent to.(a)42.(b).62.(c)402.(d)92 A
The pharmacy technician is asked to assist in the compounding of a lotion. Inwhat durg information source would this information be looked up.(a)PDR.(b)Merk Manual.(c)Facts and Comparisons.(d)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences D
If a pharmacy technician discovers a medication has expired, he/she should.(a)dispense the drug if it expired within the last week.(b)discard the drug.(c)follow the manufactruers return policy.(d)dispense the drug at a discount price C
The prupose of the P+T Committee is to.(a)establish and maintain a drug formulary system.(b)recommend policies regarding investigational drugs.(c)collect data form drug utilization review.(d)all the above D
Which of the follwing drugs is not a beta blocking agen.(a)normadyne.(b)lotensin.(c)tenormin.(d)lopressor D
The "C" designation for controlled substances must appear on a controlled prescription.(a)in red in the lower left hand corner of the Rx.(b)in any color in the lower left hand corner of the Rx.(c)in the red in the lower right hand corner of the Rx. C
The divice that links computer via communication lines is called the.(a)transfer program.(b)modem.(c)disc drive.(d)Ram B
A MSDS provides what type of product information.(a)information concerning the side effects of the product.(b)information relating to the contraindication of the product.(c)information regarding produc ingredients. C
The directions for use of a medication are"ii gtts au q4h 5d".The proper interpretation of "au" is.(a)in both eye.(b)in both ears.(c)in right eye.(d)in right ear. B
What is the proper method of measuring a liquid in a gruaduated cylinder.(a)hold at eye level and read the top of the menicus.(b)hold at eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus.(c)place graduate on the table and read meniscus from above. B
The purpose of OSHA is to.(a)ensure safe and effective drug therapy.(b)assign drug recall classifications.(c)monitor OTC labeling requirements.(d) assure a safe and healthful workplace. D
According to federal law, controlled substances must be safeguard by all of the following EXCEPT.(a)dispensing records.(b)storage records.(c)transport records.(d)inventory records. C
The process of producng a smooth dispersion of a drug wiht a spatula is call.(a)levigation.(b)trituration.(c)micturition.(d)flocculation. A
Which of the following groups is usually not a member of the P+T Committee.(a)medical representative.(b)nursing representative(c)dental representative.(d).pharmacy representative C
Another pharmacy calls for a copy of an Rx and the phamcist is busy counseling a patient.The pharmacy technician should.(a)convey the prescription information to the pharmcay.(b)interrupt the pharmacist.(c)tell them the pharmacist is busy and to call back C
A patient enters the pharmacy complaining of persistent heartburn.The pharmacy technician should.(a)tell the patient to call their physician.(b)tell the patient to go to the ER immediately.(c)tell the patient to speak to the pharmacist.(d)suggest the use C
Which of the follwing duties may a pharmacy technician not do.(a)accept a verbal medication order from a physician.(b)enter perscription data into the computer.(c)affix a drug label to a precription container.(d)call the wholesale for a drug order A
Who implements formulay review.(a)FDA.(b)P+T committee.(c)OSHA.(d)JCAHO B
Suprax suspension requires which auxiliary label.(a)shake well.(b)Shake well and refrigerator.(c)shake well and Drug May Discolor Urine.(d)Shake well and avoid dairy products A
Which characeteristic is not important when preparing an I.V admixture.(a)sterility.(b)palpability.(c)solubility.(d)stability. B
Which drug information source would the pharmacy technician check for a possible drug interaction.(a)Redbook.(b)american Drug Index.(c)Remington's pharmaceutical Sciences.(d)Facts and Comparisions D
Insulin is to be added to an IV admixture.What type of insulin may be used.(a)regular.(b)lente.(c)ultra len.(d) Isophane A
The process whereby a drug is tramsformed by the liver is referred to as.(a)absorption.(b)distribution.(c)metabolism.(d)elimination C
What is"Syrup of Ipecac" indicated for.(a)to suppress a dry cough.(b)to induce vomiting.(c)to relieve the itching from hives.(d)as a sweetening agent in pharmaceutical products B
If manufacturer's labeling results in a temporary adverse health consequence, what type of FDA recall would be institued.(a) Class I. (b) Class II. (c) Class III. (d) Class IV B
At which temperature should procaine G be stored.(a)2-8 degree C.(b)8-15 degreesC.(c)15-30 degrees C.(d)30-40 degrees C A
What is the definition of"controlled room temperature.(a)2-8 degrees C.(b)8-15 degrees C.(c)15-30 degrees.(d)30-40 degrees C C
Which nongovernmetal agenscy is responsible for the accredition of institutional setting.(a)AMA.(b)ASHP.(c)JCAHO.(d)AphA C
The process whereby a drug crosses a membrane into the blood stream is called.(a)absorption.(b)distribution.(c)metabolism.(d)elimintion. A
Which solution is recommended for cleaning a laminar flow hood.(a)soap and warm water.(b)isopropyl alcohol.(c)povidone-iodine.(d)hydrogen peroxide B
How often must controlled substances be physcially inventoried.(a)once yearly.(b)once every 2 years.(c)twice yearly.(d)once every 3 years. B
Which of the following 2 drug classes have cross sensitivity.(a)tetracycline and penicillin.(b)penicillin and erythromycin.(c)erythromycin and penicillin.(d)penicillin and cephalosporin D
Which government agency is responsible for safety in the workplace.(a)DEA.(b)NDA.(c)OSHA.(d)FDA C
Which dosage form is formulated to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach.(a)sublingual.(b)transdermal.(c)enteric-coated.(d)nitranasal C
Which of the following drug si a coronary vasodilator.(a)meperidine.(b).diltiazem.(c).nitroglycerin.(d)piroxicam C
Codeine, meperidine and oxycodone all belong to which controlled schedule.(a)Schedule I.(b)Schedule II.(c)Schedule III.(d)Schedule IV B
hat size filter is considered a sterilizing filter.(a)0.22.(b)0.3.(c)0.45.(d) 5 micron A
How often must a laminar flow hood be checked.(a)every 3 months.(b)every 6 months.(c)once yearly.(d)when it breaks down B
Which of the following drugs is not an OTC product.(a)Poly-Vi-Sol drops.(b)Poly-Vi-Sol tablets.(c)Theragran_M tablets.(d) Poly-Vi-Flor drops D
Which of the following drugs is not an OTC product.(a)Advil.(b)Nuprin.(c)ibuprofen 400mg tabs.(d)tylenol suppositories C
How long may a schedule class II drug be refilled.(a) year.(b)6 months or 5 refill.(c)no refills.(d) as many refills as the physician indicates C
If a prescription states "refill prn", for how long may this Rx be refilled.(a)1 year.(b)2 year.(c)6 months.(d)until the patient has a new prescription filled A
The abbreviation"PNC "mean what.(a) allergy.(b)penicillin.(c)nothing by mouth.(d)carcinoma B
Which drug is used as a RESCUE from toxicity of methotrexate.(a)ipecac.(b)taxol injection.(c)leucovorin.(d)acetylcysteine. C
A patient hands you an empty viall of Ritalin and asks for the Rx to be refilled.What should you do?(a)refill the Rx if the physician specific a refill.(b)ask the pharmacist to call the physician for a refill.(c)tell the pation that the medication is not C
which procedure would you not do when opening an ampule.(a)wipe the neck with an alcohol pad.(b)after wiping an alcohol pad, dry the neck with a paper towel.(c)break the ampule with an alcohol pad covering the neck. B
How far within a hood should the pharmacy technician work.(a)as far into the hood as possible.(b)3 inches within the hood.(c)at least 6 inches with the hood.(d)anywhere with the hood is acceptalbe. C
What drug in a dose of 20mg qd, is used to treat dyspesia.(a)Lasix.(b)Pepcic.(c)Inderal.(d)Dilatin B
The directions for use for Timoptic is ii gtts os bid.What is the meaning of os.(a)both eyes.(b)right eye.(c)left eye.(d)left ear C
What is the Latin abbreviation for "after meal".(a)ac.(b)pc.(c)qd.(d)hs B
An order reads"Tylenol 325mg PR q4h prn".What dosage form should be dispensed.(a)tablets.(b)capsule.(c)syrup.(d)suppositories D
A pharmacy technician repacks bulk solid dosage forms into unit dosed packages.What expiration date will appear on the package.(a)3 months.(b)6 months.(c)50% of labeled expiration date to a maxium of 1 year.(d)the original expiration date on the bulk soli C
Grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain motar is an example of.(a)levigation.(b)trituration.(c)flocculation.(d)emulsification B
Amoxicillin oral suspension is stable in a refrigerator for how many days after reconsitution.(a)7 days.(b)10 days.(c)14 days.(d)20 days C
Normal Saline(N.S) contains.(a)0.45%.(b)0.33%.(c)9.0%.(d)0.(% D
Digoxin belongs to which drug classification.(a)antiarrhythmic.(b)cardiac glycoside.(c)beta bloker.(d)Ca channel blocker B
Which of the following drug is a benxodiazepine.(a)Fiorinal.(b).Percodan.(c).Demerol.(d)Klonopin D
Which drug is most likely to cuase a photosensitivity reation.(a)biaxin.(b)penicillin K.(c)cipro.(d)tetracycline D
If Domboro tablets are received from the wholesaler, where should they be stocked.(a)next to Dolobid 500mg tablets.(b)where the bacitracin ointment is stored.(c)with Mycostatin vaginal suppositories.(d)in the refrigerator with ESS suspension B
Which of the following medication may not be crushed.(a)Ecotin 325mg.(b)Fiorinal.(c)Inderal 10mg.(d)Robaxin 500mg A
What type of measuring device should be used to measure 3ml of a liquid for compounding.(a)5ml beaker.(b)10ml conical graduate.(c)2ml pipette.(d)10ml cylindrical graduate. D
The middle set of digits in a National Drug Code(NDC) number represent.(a) the manufacture.(b)the product size.(c)the cost of the product.(d) the product strength and dosage form D
Estraderm is available in which dosage form.(a)oral.(b)patch.(c)topical cream.(d)IV B
Pseudoephedrne, a common ingredient in cold preparations, is contraindicated in which of the following disease states.(a)hypertension.(b)diabetes.(c)constipation.(d)cancer A
Which drug agency is responsible to regulate medical devices.(a)EPA.(b)DEA.(c)OSHA.(d)FDA. D
Which drug requires a follow-up"cover"prescription when dispensed as a verbal order.(a)phenobarbital.(b)atenolol.(c)buspiron.(d)procainamide A
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