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Rad Bio

Deterministic Effects of Radiation

What is the threshold dose for the CNS syndrome? 5000
Which of the 3 acute radiation syndromes is threshold, but not dose dependent for survival time? GI
What is the LD 50/60 for humans estimated to be? 350
Radiation induced death (LD 50/60) follows a ______ dose-reponse relationship. Non-linear, threshold
The stem cell that prodences lyphocyts, granulocytes, thrombocytes, and erythrocytes is the _______ cell. Pluripotential
The hematologic syndrome requires a dose of: 200 rad
What is the ultimate cause of death during the CNS syndrome? Elevated fluid levels in the brain
What term denotes the time between a lethal radiation exposure until death occurs? Mean Survival Time
the GI syndrome occurs after doses of how many rad? 1000-5000
In which acute radiation syndrome is the latent period the shortest? CNS
What is the threshold level for the GI syndrome? 1000 rad
What is the minimum amount of radiation to cause epliation? 300 rad
Which of the following whould be immediate symptoms that occur after acute radiation exposure? Nausea, vomiting
What is the principle response of blood to radiation exposure? Decreased number of all blood cells
A minimum dose of _____ rads to the testes will cause a reduction in sperm. 10 rad
What dose is required for permanent sterility for both males and females? 500 rad
What term is used to describe loss of hair due to radiation exposure? epilation
What are some clinical signs and symptoms of the latent stage of the acute radiation syndrome? 1.nausea vomiting 2.diarrhea 3.decreased blood counts 4. none of the above 4. none
What term is used to describe ulceration, necrosis, and loss of skin cells due to radiation exposure? desquamation
Put the following inorder of appearance in the acute radiation syndrom: 1. hemopoietic 2. CNS 3. Prodromal 4. latent 5. GI 3,4,1,5,2
the term LD 50/60 denotes the radiation dose required to kill: 50% of the population in 60 days
What is the SED50 dose? 500 Rad
A dose of _____ rad to the testes will cause temporary sterility in males. 200 rad
Permanent hair loss can be seen in localized doses of _____ rad. 700 rad
The stem cell of the ovaries multiply during_____. fetal development
The most radiosensitive cells of the hemopoietic system is the: Lymphocytes
What is the minimum whole body dose required for radiation induced lethality? 200 rad
After a whole body dose of 5000 rads, the victim will first experience: Prodromal symptoms
The stage of radiation sickness in which the patient has no symptoms is: Latent
The threshold dose for skin erythema is: 200 rad
The syndrome which is non dose dependent in relation to survival time is: gastrointestinal
Chromosome aberrivations have been observed after doese of: 10 rad
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