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Exam 3


1. ❌ ❌ ❌1.Principles of general grief counseling (5/12) 1. Actualize the loss 2. Allows expression of feelings. 3. Don't intellectualize feelings. 4. Aids in the "letting go process". 5. Journal to help the "life review" process. 6. Enlighten to the manifestations of grief. 7. Help griever realize they h
2A. ❌ ❌ ❌ What is "Life Review"? A valuable therapy that lets the griever revisit highlights of the past of a person through the collection of memories in book form.
2B.❌❌❌ Values of Life Review? (6/6) 1. Therapeutic project for griever. 2. Highlight's the positive experiences of the persons life. 3. A gift to the deceased. 4. A gift to posterity. 5. Visible expression of the love relationship. 6. Revisit for memory & meaning.
3A. ❌❌❌ What is "Journaling"? A valuable self therapy where one can express their feelings and revisit anytime for reality testing and possible resolution.
3B. ❌❌❌ Values of journaling (11/11) 1. Sort out feelings & thoughts by viewing expression. 2. What's overwhelming in mind can be less on paper. 3. Once written, becomes less preoccupied in mind. 4. Reflection mirror to view how you feel. 5. Harmless way to express feelings. 6
4A. ❌❌❌ Humor Greek meaning "body secretion". Feeling good braces our body and our body feels good. (Doesn't mean "funny")
4B. ❌❌❌ Humor values (3) [laughter] 1. Laughter decreases amount of stress hormones. 2. Laughter increases activity of natural killer cells that go after deadly tumor cells. 3. Laughter activates cells that boost the immune system and increases the levels that fight viruses
❌❌❌ 5. Role playing...values to facilitate. (3/6) 1. Experience another's feelings and developing empathy. 2. Issues can feel real in a safe non-personal manner. 3. Involves 3 levels of learning simultaneously: cognitive understanding, feelings & behavior. *** Can practice a new skill in a non-
❌❌❌ 6A. Triple A Therapy? A therapy that helps modify the grief.
❌❌❌ 6B. What are the 3 task of Triple A Therapy? (3) 1. ASSIMILATION - process of realizing the loss & creating a new identity. 2. ACCOMMODATION - Process of allowing yourself to live with the pain with the awareness that there will be "grief attacks" in the future. 3. ADJUSTMENT - Process of making n
❌❌❌ 7. Task of grieving. "T" tasks? (10) 1. Tears 2. Time 3. Talk 4. Thoughts 5. Touch 6. Telepathy 7. Trust 8. Transcribe 9. Transfer 10. Transform
❌❌❌ 8. Funeral facilitation? (5) 1. Preplan 2. Wake service 3. Pre-funeral service 4. Funeral 5. Committal - burial
❌❌❌ 9. Advantages of a support group? (4/7) 1. Provide empathy 2. No expense 3. Good listeners 4. Social network of friends 5. No expense *** Opportunity to help others. ***"Older griever" can be a role model ***A determination of what is relatively normal for specific type of grief.
❌❌❌10. Functions of Social Support? (4) SUPPORTS: 1. EMOTIONAL - express affection 2. APPRAISAL - evaluate & make sense 3. INFORMATIONAL - providing advice 4. INSTRUMENTAL - material aid & services
❌❌❌ 11. Coordinating a support group: Rules for effectiveness. (4/7) 1. Confidentiality 2. No advice 3. Speak in first person 4. No judgement 5. One at a time 6. Equal time 7. To speak or not
❌❌❌ 12. Principles of keeping a person's loyalty & interest? 1. A sense of belonging 2. A feeling that they are welcomed 3. A belief they are needed
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