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Vocab 5-6

vocab 5-6

rancor extreme hatred or ill will
inexorable unrelenting; unavoidable
extol to praise highly
clement merciful; lenient
cliche a worn-out idea or overused expression
adamant unyeilding; firm in opinion
diffident lacking in self-confidence; shy
opus a creative work, especially a numbered composition
ostensible professed but not necessarily true
disparity inequality; difference
condone to forgive or overlook an offense
nuance a slight or subtle degree of differecne
connoisseur an expert in matters of culture, food, wine, or wine
enigma a mystery; something seemingly inexplicable
apathy lack of interest; state of not caring
officious excessively eager to deliver unasked-for or unwanted help
credence belief or trust
jaunty having buoyant, self-confident air; brisk and crisp
dilettante one who merely dabbles in an art or a science
cult an organized group of people with an obsessive devotion to a person or set of principles.
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