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CIRCUIT A group of components that perform a specific function.
RESISTOR A component that is used to strict (limit) current.
SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS Drawings that show you how the components in a circuit are interconnected.
CAPACITOR A component that stores energy in a an electrical field, also called a condenser.
INDUCTOR A component that stores energy in a magnetic field, also called a coil or a choke.
TRANSFORMER A component that contains one or more inductors that are wrapped around a single physical structure.
STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER A transformer that decreases its input voltage to a lower level.
STEP UP TRANSFORMER A transformer that increases its input voltage to a higher level.
SWITCH A component that is used to make or break an electrical connection.
FUSE A component that automatically breaks an electrical connection if the current increases beyond a certain value.
CIRCUIT BREAKER A component that can be reset and used again after breaking a current path.
DIGITAL MULTIMETER (DMM) A meter that measures three of the most basic electrical properties: voltage, current and resistance.
VOLT-OHM-MILLIMETER (VOM) A meter that uses an analog scale (rather than a digital scale) to provide a readout.
FREQUENCY COUNTER A piece of equipment that indicates the number of times certain events occur every second.
FUNCTION GENERATOR A piece of equipment that generates a variety of waveforms.
OSCILLOSCOPE A piece of test equipment that provides a visual display for voltage and time measurements.
ENGENEERING NOTATION A short hand method of representing large and small numbers.
FUNCTION SELECT A control that sets the multi-meter to measure volts(v), amperes(A), or Ohms (Ω)
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